July 27, 2010

One Month to Go...

Sweet Noah, you are 23 months today, and as Mommy always says, I can't believe it! Next month we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday!

Let's see, what are you up to this month, Mr. Noah?

You love to run all.over.the.place! It doesn't matter where we are, once you get those little legs a running, there is no stopping you.


You love when Mommy and Daddy take you to Pump It Up; it is one of your favorite spots to go play. You really come out of your shell when you are playing there; it is so much fun to watch you. Your favorite thing to do while we are there is slide. You are so funny because you get so mad at us if we try to go down the slide with you. Mr. Independent wants to go all by himself!

You love to sit back and listen to Mommy or Daddy read to you. One of your favorite books right now is, "For the Love of a Pug." The other night as soon as we got to the end of the book you kept signing "more," and we ended up reading it five times that night.

New signs you have learned are: "work," "amen," "pray," "swim," "down." I'm sure there are more I am not thinking of right now.

You cry and whine about everything now. You cry if we change your diaper. You whine when we put your bathing suit on. You cry when we put you in the bath {yes, the bath!}. You've gotten to be pretty good at throwing fits.


You can climb up on our bed all by yourself now, and of course you still love to jump and play on it once you're up there.

You have been waving "bye-bye" for probably a couple months now.

Every night when I put you in your crib to go night-night, you are always such a sweet guy and blow Mommy a kiss.

You are a picky, picky eater! The only thing you will keep in your mouth these days is macaroni and cheese or spaghetti. Oh, and of course anything with chocolate or sugar on it.


You have been so good about riding in the car lately. I think you have gotten used to the fact that it's pretty much always gonna take 20-30 minutes to get wherever we're going. You are always so patient and sweet!

When you wake up in the mornings or at nap time, you love to throw every single thing that is in your crib on the floor. When Mommy comes in to get you, the only thing in your crib is YOU.

Your favorite phrase right now {and for the past couple of months} is, "uh oh." And it's so very cute when you say it.

The other day when we were all at the church cleaning, you mimicked Mommy when she moved her tongue side by side. It was adorable!


You hate flip flops with a passion; you are constantly trying to take them off. They sure look so cute on you though.

You are such a good little shopper with Mommy. I am always so proud of you when we go to the store because you are always so patient and happy while we shop.

I love you so much Noah! No matter how big you get, you will always be my baby.



The Christians said...

Awww...happy 23 months, Noah! He's getting to be such a big boy! That's so cute he loves his books so much. He's always been such a cute baby...he's turning into such a handsome little guy! Love all the pictures of him!

Mary said...

He is just adorable! Happy 23 months little guy :)

Why do our kids have to grow up so fast?

Amanda said...

Sounds about right! :)

I ADORE those gorgeous long lashes in that third picture down... totally jealous!!!

How I wish I could send you some cookies for his big party!!

Be blessed-