December 30, 2011

Interview with Noah - Age 3

I came across the cutest birthday tradition on this blog recently, and I just had to steal the idea! Starting at age three, you ask your child the same twenty questions each year around his birthday. I interviewed Noah in the car last week on our way to the lake house. Josh and I really enjoyed hearing his responses to the questions asked. Such a little cutie! So, here they are exactly as he answered them...


1. what is your favorite color? blue

2. what is your favorite toy? woody and buzz coloring book

3. what is your favorite fruit? bananas

4. what is your favorite t.v. show? toy story

5. what is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? chips

6. what is your favorite outfit? red

7. what is your favorite game? baseball

8. what is your favorite snack? buzz and woody snack

9. what is your favorite animal? elephant

10. what is your favorite song? joy to the world

11. what is your favorite book? toy story book

12. who is your best friend? sebastian

13. what is your favorite cereal? apple jacks

14. what is your favorite thing to do outside? eins and noah

15. what is your favorite drink? orange juice... yum yum

16. what is your favorite holiday? birthday cake

17. what do you like to take to bed with you at night? mommy and daddy and noah sleep

18. what is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? piece of candy

19. what do you want for dinner on your birthday? blow candles out and eat birthday cake

20. what do you want to be when you grow up? just noah


Five Years

"I have found the one whom my soul loves." -- Song of Solomon 3:4


Can't believe it's already been five years since we said "I do."
Time flies when you're having fun! Happy Anniversary, love.


December 27, 2011

Wordful Wednesday


In the words of my little guy, "Oh ma goodness!" I about wiped our computer's hard drive space with the amount of pictures I just uploaded from our Christmas with my family in Oklahoma. Ha! Looking back through all the pics really makes me miss family and all the fun we had. Lots of sweet memories were made; I look forward to sharing many of the pictures I took of our time at the lake house. But for now, I have laundry to sort through and clean and lots of wonderful goodies to put away. We are so very blessed. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
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December 22, 2011

A Little Random Post

I love this idea. And really love this one too!

I'm pretty obsessed with chevron patterns right now. I mean lately I've been extra crazy about the design. But really, who isn't? Last night, I came across some super cute {and free!} chevron wallpapers for your iPhone! All you have to do is download them and then save them to your camera roll! Check them out.

I can hardly believe Christmas is in just a few short days. How is it possible thirty days can come and go so quickly? *Blink* Bye bye December! It's been a great month and we did a lot of fun things, but goodness it went too fast!

I got some leopard TOMS from my hubs this week. I went back and forth on whether or not I should wait for Christmas morning to open up the package. Noah talked me into opening it; I'm glad I did. Oooo I love them.

Angry Birds = addicting! I'm a little late to the Angry Bird craze, but once I decided to give it a try, it only took one game to get me hooked. Actually, our whole family loves it. Noah is quite a shot with those out pigs! :) Such a FUN game.

Funny Noah story this week--Noah walked into the living room Monday morning to find a bunch of newly-wrapped presents under the tree, and then he had following conversation with Josh:
Noah: "Oh my GOSH!"
Josh: "What Noah?"
Noah: "I got a BOX in here!!"
Hehe. I just love the excitement and wonder. So cute!

We are headed to the lake house tomorrow for Christmas! Yay! So excited! Lots of laundry and packing to be done, so I better get to it.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


December 19, 2011

Social Network Christmas. Love this.

"But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you GOOD NEWS that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord."-- Luke 2:10-11

December 15, 2011


current book(s)
well... i started wild at heart not long ago, but i
haven't been good about reading lately, so it is
sitting on my bedside table collecting dust.

current playlist
her voice. love.

current color
nicole by opi nail polish: silver sparkles
seven bucks at target


current food
just stole a few spoonfuls of
chicken fried rice from my hubby. :)

current favorite show
grey's anatomy.

current #1 blessing

current needs
for the sick bug to leave our house.

current outfit
nothing exciting...
so let's pretend i'm wearing
something cute & comfy like this:


current excitement
going to the lake house for christmas this year!

current mood

current indulgence

current triumph(s)
i really don't know.

current bane of my existence


current favorite holiday decoration
our christmas tree. 

it's so pretty!

current #1 item on your wishlist
i think i'm gonna have to go with the silver glitter toms


current new years resolution
to simplify.
get rid of junk!

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December 14, 2011

Joy to the World, Round Two

Today was Noah's last day of school before Christmas break, so Mrs. Misti and Mrs. Ashley had quite a fun day planned for Noah and his little friends. They all wore their pj's to school, watched The Grinch and Mickey Mouse, decorated ornaments, and had a pizza party. And of course, Noah left with lots and lots of yummy treats given to him by his friends and teachers. He brought candy cane cake pops to give to everyone.


Noah also got to sing Joy to the World again. And this time around, he actually sang! Ha! If you missed Noah's first performance, and I do mean it was a performance, click here to watch it. One of Noah's friends went home sick right before the Christmas program the other evening, so the whole class gave an encore performance today in the classroom so that everyone had a chance to sing. Sorry the video quality is so poor. Wish I would have brought our video camera instead of using my lousy cell phone. Oh well! The important thing is we have it on video!


SO cute! Yay Noah!


December 13, 2011

Holiday Photo Challenge


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Christmas Wish List

I always love seeing what others are wishing for, don't you?
Today I thought it would be fun to share my wish list with you.


Silver Glitter Toms | $54


Gussy Sews Polka dot Headband | $16.50


Chevron Camera Bag | $195


Dream Angels Heavenly Perfume | $42-$62


Starbucks Falala Ceramic Coffee Mug | $10.95


Toddy Gear Lovebeat | $9.99

White iPhone 4S | $199 with plan


7d & Canon Zoom Lens 24-70 mm f/2.8 | $$$ + some! ha
{not really on my Christmas wish list, but two camera items I would love to have!}

What's on your wish list this year?
I'd love to know!


December 11, 2011


Today is my hubby's birthday! And you know where he's celebratin' tonight? At the Cowboys Stadium! Darrell and Joseph {his dad and brother} came down to go with him, so it's been a great weekend spending some time with Papa and Uncle Jofus a.k.a Uncle Joseph. :) One of these days Mr. Noah, you will get to go with them to cheer on the boys!


Happy Birthday babes! Hope you had the best time ever tonight! Better get off before you get home so I can finish up your mayonnaise cake. Surprise!


December 09, 2011

Christmas Tree Pickin'

Last Saturday we went to Lowe's to pick out our Christmas tree. Every December we always say "Next year we'll go to a tree farm to get our Christmas tree," yet every year we end up at Lowe's. It's safe to say going to Lowe's to buy our Christmas tree is now a Bonjour family tradition. :) But it's not a bad thing; they really do have a great selection of really beautiful trees. The tree we found this year was just perfect! In fact, it is definitely the prettiest one we've ever had. It just makes me smile every time I look at it. And the smell of fresh pine throughout the house... ahhh it is the best!


The day we went looking for our tree was rainy and cold, so we weren't there for too long. Once we got to Lowe's, we actually found our tree pretty quickly-- like within the first five minutes! So, we put our tree on a cart {to make sure nobody took it} and looked around a little bit to make sure there was nothing better. 


And Noah played a little bit while we held up a few trees to compare. He loves climbing the cinder blocks that are stacked at the end of each row of Christmas trees.


I thought it would be fun to post a couple pics of Noah from last year to see how much he's grown. He really does look more like a little boy now.


Noah even helped out and pulled the tree for a bit. :) He actually surprised us and did a good job pulling it all by himself. Mr. Muscles! 


But then he discovered standing on the bar and letting Daddy push him around was way better!


So, after we played and looked around some more, we decided the tree we were lugging around with us was definitely the one. We took it home and got it all set up and then decided to go eat some Mexican food before we decorated it with lights and ornaments.

This picture was my favorite of Noah decorating our tree. He did such a good job! I love how our tree has clusters of ornaments together and how so many of the ornaments are on the bottom half of our tree.


Sweet ol' Einstein loves to lay by the tree...


 our Christmas tree! Now I need to get busy and start wrapping gifts so it doesn't look so bare underneath it. :) This year, I've decided to be more creative with gift wrapping {thanks to Pinterest}, so I'm excited to get started!


December 08, 2011



Last Friday evening Josh and I went to a Shane and Shane/
Phil Wickham Christmas-Worship-Concert, and it was awesome! I
haven't been to a concert since, well, I can't even remember.


It was such an enjoyable, relaxing evening for the both of us.
Definitely a great start to the Christmas season.
And they even had free child care! Can't get better than that!


Josh took this picture one evening while I was at work,
and I'm so glad he did because Noah does this quite a bit around
our house. He loves building "cities." And he is really quite creative
with it and will use just about anything he can find to build the city.


Only my parents would send Noah a mini
Christmas tree in the mail. Hehe. LOVE it!

Today we got a knock at the door and we ran to see who
it was. Lying outside our door was a box from a flower company.
For a second I thought, "Did Josh order me flowers?!" Then I
looked at the name on the box. "What? Flowers for Noah?"

Of course, Noah was thrilled the box was for him! He opened it up
and found a mini Christmas tree with lights and a box of ornaments!

The letter said, "Hi Noah, here is a fun little tree for you to decorate!
When you come to the lake on Christmas, you can plant the tree by
our house, and each year watch it grow! Have fun!
-Love, Mimi and Grandad

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever!? I think I'm
more excited about this little tree than Noah. Haha.
Noah really enjoyed decorating his little Christmas tree
this afternoon. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Noah found my eye pencil one morning and drew
p himself a pretty picture on my bathroom cabinets.
Thank goodness for Mr. Clean's magic eraser!
It all came off! Whew!


Noah loooooves playing with the little toy
animals whenever we go to Michaels or Target.
I think he might just be getting some for Christmas!


Mmmm homemade hot chocolate!
We've been making a lot around here lately.


Today while we were shopping at Hobby Lobby,
aka "Hobby Hobby" :), I bought some craft ornaments
for Noah to paint. He picked out a snowflake and a
candy cane and couldn't wait to get home to paint them.
He did such a great job! Now we have some bright,
happy little ornaments to hang on our tree.


One night, when Noah was supposed to be in bed,
he got up, found a piece of paper, and started tearing
off strips to create the letters: H, T, and L.
Little smarty! :) We were totally impressed!

life rearranged