December 22, 2011

A Little Random Post

I love this idea. And really love this one too!

I'm pretty obsessed with chevron patterns right now. I mean lately I've been extra crazy about the design. But really, who isn't? Last night, I came across some super cute {and free!} chevron wallpapers for your iPhone! All you have to do is download them and then save them to your camera roll! Check them out.

I can hardly believe Christmas is in just a few short days. How is it possible thirty days can come and go so quickly? *Blink* Bye bye December! It's been a great month and we did a lot of fun things, but goodness it went too fast!

I got some leopard TOMS from my hubs this week. I went back and forth on whether or not I should wait for Christmas morning to open up the package. Noah talked me into opening it; I'm glad I did. Oooo I love them.

Angry Birds = addicting! I'm a little late to the Angry Bird craze, but once I decided to give it a try, it only took one game to get me hooked. Actually, our whole family loves it. Noah is quite a shot with those out pigs! :) Such a FUN game.

Funny Noah story this week--Noah walked into the living room Monday morning to find a bunch of newly-wrapped presents under the tree, and then he had following conversation with Josh:
Noah: "Oh my GOSH!"
Josh: "What Noah?"
Noah: "I got a BOX in here!!"
Hehe. I just love the excitement and wonder. So cute!

We are headed to the lake house tomorrow for Christmas! Yay! So excited! Lots of laundry and packing to be done, so I better get to it.

Have a very Merry Christmas!



Chrissy said...

I am in love with chevron as well! Like the new look over here!
Isn't it amazing to see the kids excitement get bigger and bigger the closer Christmas gets!
Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year! Hugs xxx

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

loove chevron! I thought it was strange at first, but now I love it. :)

cute post, too! & I would totally have Noah's reaction if I found a box for me under our tree... ;)

Anna Elder said...

haha awww! Noah is cute. Thanks for the chevron link!

My husband just started playing Angry Birds. He is so addicted he beat in a week. Yeah. Constantly playing. Trying to have a convo with him was ridiculous. And apparently they released new levels? idk, but he's playing it again. haha

Jami Nato said...

why can't i figure out how to download the chevron things....!!