January 31, 2011

29 months

Mr. Noah, you are just growing up way too fast. Each month you get a little big bigger and a little big older. *Sigh* Will you stop it already?


Some of your favorite phrases/words lately are: "That's okay." "Get out of the way!" {a line from Toy Story}, "See ya!" "Let's go." "Let's go, Daddy!" "Woody" and "Buh" for Buzz. It's such a joy to hear that sweet little voice of yours! Some new signs you've learned lately are: "monkey" "blanket" "donut" "open" "boy" "girl" "flag" and many others I'm not thinking of right now.

Your favorite movies right now are Toy Story {all three of them!} and Despicable Me.

You love to sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy. We were adamant from the beginning you would sleep in your own bed, but somehow you managed to wiggle your way in. But I have to admit, I sure do love having you to snuggle with when your Daddy is working the night shift.

You love the Woody and Buzz Lightyear action figures your grandparents got you for Christmas. They sleep with you every night and go almost everywhere you go. Tonight, you insisted they sit with you in your highchair while you ate dinner. Funny guy!

You have used your little potty twice! Yay Noah! We are so proud of you. Maybe, just maybe, you will be potty trained by the time you turn three?? If not, that's okay. We will just keep on practicing until you get it.

You love to point to your {and everyone else's, including Einstein's} nose, eyes, ears, belly button, and toes {a.k.a your piggies} and practice saying each of them.

I have to say, you are quite a challenge these days. Hellooo Terrible Two's. I thought caring for you when you were a baby was a challenge. Ha. That was nothin'! Learning to be consistent with you and follow through with discipline has been one of the hardest things I've had to learn to do as a parent. I am definitely learning patience!

I think if we let you, you'd run around naked all the time. You throw a fit when you have to put clothes on, and it hasn't taken you long to figure out how to take them off again {especially your shirt and socks!}. Most nights, you go to bed with just a diaper on. That is a battle I just don't want to fight at the end of the day.

You have become quite the picky eater lately. But one thing you will never turn down is a hamburger. Definitely one of your favorite foods! Some other foods you like right now are mandarin oranges, bagels, chips and queso, Special K cereal, cubes of cheese, ham, spaghetti and meatballs, bananas, and powdered donuts.

One thing I just love is how you sign "cow" for every four legged animal you see. I don't know how many times I've told you Einstein is not a cow. Cracks me up every time.

I love you to infinity and beyond!


January 29, 2011

Random Question

I'm having writers block again...
I sit here and... yeah, I got nothing.

Actually, I have a lot of things I could blog
about, but I just can't seem to get out of this slump.


How about a random question?

Are you getting any snow where you live?

We have a chance of snow this Tuesday and I'm crossing my
fingers {and toes!} it'll be a big one. I'd love to be snowed in with
my boys sipping on some hot apple cider and snuggling on the couch
watching movies together all day. That would just be lovely!

Happy Sunday!


January 26, 2011

Something for You!

Oh my goodness. Has it seriously been five {no six!} days since my last post?! What is up with me this month? I mean, really, January is almost gone and I've posted only ten times. Lame-o. I've been busy lazy this month I guess. *Sigh* Hopefully all that laziness is behind me now, and I can get back to posting regularly. :)

So, guess what I have for you tonight? I'm so excited to share it with you!

It's a Valentine printable! And I think it just may be one of my favorite printables I've made so far. What do you think?


I found this frame at Hobby Lobby today for 10 bucks. Isn't it cute?! It was the perfect match for my printable.


Want one? Just click on the links below to download. I got a little Photoshop happy the other night, so you have a several different ones to choose from. And two different sizes too! Good luck deciding! I went back and forth between the gray and pink one. Anyway, enjoy!

Gray Printable:
5x7 and 8x10

Pink Printable:
5x7 and 8x10

Purple Printable:
5x7 and 8x10

Red Printable:
5x7 and 8x10

White background
with pink writing:
5x7 and 8x10

White background
with red writing:
5x7 and 8x10

It's Party Time!

January 19, 2011


I'm sure most of you know about my tumblr blog by now,
but I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of a few things.

The Bonjour! tumblr is my blog of inspiration, and a place where I
can keep track of all the lovely things I've spotted on the internet.

You may have noticed recently that I've changed and added a few
things on my main blog to make my tumblr blog easy to access.


The first change I made {as seen above} was to add a tumblr link under my
header. Just click it and you will automatically be directed to the tumblr blog.

Once you are on tumblr, in the very top right corner you will see a green
button labeled "archive." The archive gives an overview of everything I've posted and
organizes the posts by month. For example, if you are wanting to find a do-it-yourself
project you've spotted in the past, you can click archive and quickly browse
through the pictures to easily find what you're looking for.
Here is a screen shot of part of the archive:


I really hope you enjoy Bonjour! tumblr and that
you gain a lot of inspiration from it.

And yay! I finally have a new button for my
tumblr on the sidebar to the right.


Would you help spread the word?
I would love you forever. Well, you know I already do.
How about if I say, "Pretty please with a cherry on top!" :)


January 18, 2011

A January Valentine

Last night while I was grocery shopping at Walmart, I came across another Toy Story toy Noah just had to have. Seriously people, I've got a problem. Every time I spot something Toy Story my body naturally gravitates towards it, and I end up buying it. This time around though I was a good girl and decided I better ask my hubby if I could buy it... especially since I just had the "don't go overboard" lecture before I left. Me? Never! Ha.

Anyway, I spotted this race track toy and knew Noah would just love it. So, I had to think up a good excuse. Hmmm. Oh! Valentine's Day! I knew it would work, so I sent Josh a text with a picture of the toy and told him this toy would be the perfect Valentine's gift for Noah. I got a text a minute later saying, "yeah that's fine." Told you it would work! ;)

When I got home I put it in our laundry area and closed the door. I meant to eventually move it to our closet or somewhere else but forgot. Whoops. Well, guess who found his new toy today?


I just couldn't say no to the little guy once he saw it; he was so excited. So, he got his Valentine's gift a month early. Ha. It's safe to say, he loves it! He even took it to bed with him tonight. :)


January 16, 2011

Dish Mats

Oh, how I've missed sewing. I've been talking for months now about pulling the sewing machine out, but never got around to actually doing it, until yesterday. Now I'm addicted. All I needed was one little project to get me motivated to start sewing again. I'm ready for my next sewing project!

Anyway, I'm so excited to share with you what I made! The other day, I came across a tutorial for a dish mat and knew I just had to have one. I don't know about you, but our dishwasher doesn't know how to dry dishes {especially our cups}. I'm always having to shake off the excess water before putting the dishes up, so a dish mat by the sink is just what I need.

After looking over the tutorial for the dish mat, I decided to simplify mine a bit just because I wanted to start with a fairly easy project. I'm so happy with the way they turned out! I will definitely be making some more.


While I was taking pictures of my dish mat, Noah decided he had had enough of this stupid project, and needed Mommy to hold him.


*Mommy and Noah snuggle time*

After I got some Noah hugs, he was off doing his own thing, so I grabbed my camera for a few more pictures.


I love the green zebra one I made too! I may even like it better than the apple one. :)


Looks like it might be nap time for a tired little boy.


I just love my dish mats!! Wouldn't they make perfect gifts?!


January 13, 2011

Ice Cream + a Snowy Night

On our recent trip to visit my parents in Oklahoma, we decided to be adventurous and go out for
some ice cream. The snow was falling, and it was a whopping 15 degrees outside. We're crazy like
that, but it was totally worth it. Can ya tell? :)

Who else is ready for some warm weather?
Happy Friday!


January 12, 2011


Are you ready for a very random post? Here goes..

Despicable Me is definitely one of my new favorite movies. I love it. No lie, Noah and I watch it {or at least have it playing in the background while we play or clean} every day. Have you seen it? If you love animated movies, then you've got to see it. "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!"

Did you know cornstarch helps heal diaper rash? I've never tried it, but apparently it works wonders! I will definitely have to keep that in mind next time Noah has a sore bottom. Thanks Amanda for the tip!

Okay, so maybe, just maybe, potty training won't be as hard as I thought it would be. Noah tinkled in his potty again tonight! Before he got in the bath, he sat down on the potty and I asked him, "Can you go tinkle?" About a minute later the little potty was singing again! Then Noah did the cutest thing. He raised his arms in the air and yelled, "Yayyy!" and then he pointed to his pee and said, "Look!" So, it seems we are doing something right. I really appreciate all the wonderful advice all you experienced mommies gave to me today. Thank you!!

I bought some really, really cute fabric the other day! Yay! I decided it is time to pull out the sewing machine again and start sewing! Oh, how I've missed it. Can't wait to share with you what I'm making! It's a secret for now though. :)

Speaking of sewing, I only have a little over seven months left to finish up all of my Home Ec projects {oops!}. You may be seeing a lot of sewing projects in the upcoming months! Ha. I hope I can get them all finished by August...

Oh! Guess what came in the mail for me a few weeks ago? My new lens! It makes me so happy! *Sigh*

Well... I guess that's it.

I'll leave you with a picture of the fur baby:


My husband is pretty funny.


January 11, 2011



You know what that means.
Mr. Noah tinkled in his little potty for
the very first time tonight! Yay!

Noah sat down on it so naturally,
like a king on his little throne.
I had no expectations, so after about five
minutes of sitting on the potty, I said,
"Okay, let's get in the bath!"

Um. Negative.

Noah wanted to sit on his potty.
So, I let him.

Then, all of a sudden we heard a little tune.
Noah looked up at me with the funniest expression
on his face like, "Is my potty playing music??"

I couldn't believe my ears.
Did Noah really just use his little potty?

He sure did!
And I was so proud of him!

But I have to be honest here...

When it comes to potty training,
I have no idea what I'm doing.
And especially with a boy. Oh my!

Advice? I'm all ears.


January 08, 2011

My Stubborn Child

Noah and I had a hard night tonight.

The little guy was bound & determined not to go to sleep when I
laid him down this evening. Actually, over the past couple of days it's been
a constant struggle getting Noah to lay down and stay in bed until he falls asleep.

Oh, the joys of stubborn toddlers.

Let's just say Noah's little hiney got a few spankings
tonight {as much as I hate giving them!},
and he finally gave up and fell asleep.

Or so I thought.

Not long ago, I walked into our room and guess who I
found so sweetly snuggled up in our bed?


Why do they have to be so stinkin'
cute when they're sleeping?!

Melt my heart.


January 07, 2011

Christmas with our Families

I had quite the scare today!

Someone {ahem, Noah!} dropped one of my memory
cards in a cup of Dr. Pepper sitting on our computer desk.

Josh told me to put it in some rice, so I ran to the kitchen,
threw open the pantry door and grabbed myself a bag of rice.

My little memory card is currently buried in a cup of rice, so I
am hoping and praying it's not ruined. That would be so sad.
Apparently the rice pulls all the fluid out of the card??
We shall see.

Anyway, I learned my lesson!
I'll never leave my memory card in reach of little hands ever again.
I was worried at first because I thought all of our Christmas pictures
were on that card, but thankfully they were on another one.

After we had our little Christmas, we drove to Oklahoma to
celebrate with my side of the family. We were only there a little
over 24 hours, so it was a very short trip, but the time we spent
together was so wonderful! I loved every minute of it.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of our
time together. You should have seen my parents' living
room. It was covered in wrapping paper! Ha.

I love this picture of my dad. Definitely the parent
my brother gets his funny expressions from.


The cutest twins I know.


Noah opening a present! Let me guess... something Toy Story?


Seriously, you should see our apartment.
Toy Story all over! :)

Noah got the coolest Buzz Light year from Granddad and Mimi.
Buzz says like sixty different phrases, has lasers, pop-up wings,
a moving head... you name it, he does it. All the guys
kept saying, "Why didn't we have cool toys
like that when we were growing up?!"

Noah waiting patiently as Daddy tries to get Buzz out of the box.


Noah showing Megan and Delilah how Buzz works.


My Mom surprised my Dad and got him some cowboy boots.
He was really excited about them.


And my Dad got my Mom a new flat screen T.V. for
her sewing room! Now she is set, and there is no reason
she can't get going with a sewing business {right Mom?}.


Guess what else Noah got? A potty!
I love the picture of him eating his cookie on the pot. Haha.


Bibi and Abby-- happy little newlyweds.


Oh goodness, here we go.
To make a long story short, my Mom and Josh have
an ongoing war each Christmas where they buy each
other something ugly. For the first year or two, they
bought each other the ugliest ornaments they could find.
But this year, they changed it up a little and Josh bought my
Mom this ugly "make your nose hairs curl" type of candle.
And my Mom found this beauty for Josh:


Can you guess where the shirt ended up?
Before we left for Amarillo, Josh had me distract my Mom
while he laid it down in Samson & Delilah's cage.
I love seeing what those two come up with every year. :)

Such a sleepy little guy.


It was a quick trip, but a wonderful one!

After we spent some time in Oklahoma with my
family, we drove to Amarillo to see Josh's side of the family.
We had an easy four hour trip to Amarillo and arrived late Sunday
evening. Papa and Grammy met us at the door and we all stayed
up a few hours talking and catching up. It was so good to see them!

The next morning we had breakfast and opened up gifts.
One of my favorite gifts that Grammy got Noah was a Toy Story
book recorded with her voice. Noah loved it! And he still
smiles each time we open it up and read it. What a special gift!


I loved how Noah tore off the wrapping
paper-- he knew what he was doing!


What is it??


And boy does he love Woody.
He also says a bunch of different phrases from the movie
when you pull the string on his back. But Noah's favorite
thing about Woody is putting the hat on his head.
Thank you Grammy and Papa!


I guess Papa was surprised! Love this picture!


Noah playing the tickle game with Daddy.
He looooves to be tickled.


We were so glad Nanny and Pa {Josh's grandparents}, Joseph and
his girlfriend, Ashley, and Quentin were able to come over to see us.
Grammy cooked out steaks, and we all had lunch; it was so nice
to catch up with everyone and spend the afternoon together.

Family picture!


We also went to visit my grandmother Gigi
while we were in town. We sure miss her!


And we had the chance to see Josh's Aunt Kim for
a little bit one afternoon. It was great seeing her too!
I'm kicking myself because I didn't have my camera with me!

Sweet, sweet picture of Noah and his Grammy.
They sure have fun together.


What a blessing to be able to spend Christmas
with both of our families! We love you all!