August 31, 2011

It's a Random Wednesday

Last night Noah and I met his new teachers, and they are just as sweet as can be. When we first met them at the door, Noah was {not surprisingly} a little apprehensive. But it wasn't long before he was happily sitting at one of the tables eating a cupcake and coloring an owl paper. And while we were driving home, Noah said, "Had fun with friends!" Made me smile ear to ear. :) I'm excited for Noah as he starts a new year of Mother's Day Out.

Have you ever heard of crazy forts? Such a cool invention. Noah has a couple sets of them {thanks Gigi & Papa and Grammy!}, and he and Josh go crazy building all kinds of forts. Noah loves it so much; he sleeps in his fort every night. I mean, who cares about Curious George sheets when you got an awesome fort to sleep in, right?

I need to remember to buy fruit loops next time I go to the store. Noah would have so much fun with this.

I am so excited about our family trip to San Antonio in October! We are taking Noah to Sea World for a late birthday present. Our weekend is all planned out and it sounds just perfect.

Sara Schmutz recently released her new digital kit Nursery Rhymes and it is oh so cute! I will be purchasing the kit as soon as it goes on sale.

Well, I really thought I had more randomness to share, but I guess that's about it. :)

Happy Wednesday!


August 27, 2011


Happy birthday to the sweetest boy in the world!


Love you to infinity and beyond!


August 24, 2011

"A Tickle, Daddy!"

Noah loooooves to be tickled.
And he especially loves it when Daddy does it.
There is just something about that Daddy-claw
that makes it almost unbearable, yet so fun.

Of course Noah is always begging for more.
He will plead with Josh, screaming
"A tickle, Daddy!" "A tickle, Daddy!"
"A tickle, Daddddddy!"


I love these pictures because they capture
both the torture and the joy Noah experiences
when the tickle monster is after him.

Oh little Noah,
I'm sure glad you are Daddy's little tickle buddy!
Otherwise, he might be after me!


August 23, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday: Back To School

Cannot believe school is about to start up again! It's such a fun time of the year, isn't it? Noah will be going back to Mother's Day Out first of September! I am so excited for him as he starts a new year. We will get to meet his new teachers a week from today. Lots to get done before he goes back! I thought I'd link up with Tickle Me Tuesday and share some of the things I'm lovin' right now as we prepare to go back.

Have you ever heard of Their back to school collection of lunch boxes, backpacks, school supplies, etc are killing me. I want to buy it all. It is such a cute website. Check it out!


I love these printable lunch box love notes from eighteen25. Aren't they so sweet? And best of all, they're free!!


A great post sharing simple tips for capturing back to school photos.


These lunch box labels are so cute! I will be taking advantage of this freebie too!


More free printables! I love the photo idea of Noah holding one of these cute printables the first day back.


Eighteen25 girls come up with the cutest teacher appreciation ideas! This is probably one of my favorites. If Noah's teachers are coffee fans, I'll be making this for sure!


Linking up with Tickle Me Tuesday


August 21, 2011

Me {A to Z}

I have seen this little q&a all over blogland,
so I thought it would be fun to play along.

age :: 28

bed size :: king, baby!

chore you hate :: cleaning the bath room

dogs :: a chubby ol' pug named einstein

essential start to your day :: dr pepper

favorite color :: pink

gold or silver :: silver

height :: 5'6"

instruments you play :: used to play the piano

job title :: stay at home mommy; part-time nurse

kids :: sweet little noah

live :: texas

maiden name :: callan

nicknames :: lib, sweets

overnight hospital stays :: when noah was born
{which by the way was an awesome experience!}

pet peeve :: fingernail biting

quote :: "your beauty should not come from outward
adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing
of gold jewelry or fine clothes. rather, it should be that
of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and
quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."
1 peter 3:3-4

righty or lefty :: right

siblings :: two sisters & a brother
{all younger than me}

time you wake up :: when my little guy says "get up mommy!"

university attended :: west texas a&m

vegetables you dislike: tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower

what makes you run late :: trying to get my hair to cooperate with me

x-rays you’ve had :: at the dentist

yummy food :: spaghetti & meatballs, i ♥ mexican food

zoo animal favorite :: monkeeeeys

Now you play along!
Have a lovely Sunday.


August 19, 2011

Lions, Tigers, & Bears... Oh My!

Playing a little Summer catch up around here! It has been one hot, hot summer. Like we've had thirty-something straight day's of 100+ degree weather {most days the lowest is 105}. Not fun... at all. We've been doing a lot of swimming this summer, and if we do get out of the house we find something to do indoors. But one morning a few weeks ago, Noah and I decided to brave the heat and go to the Fort Worth Zoo to visit all the animals. It was bearable since we went in the morning, but still just miserably hot.

But the heat didn't keep us from having tons of fun. Mr. Noah loved seeing all the animals, and I was so impressed with his ability to name many of the animals we saw. Seeing him so happy and excited about all animals was the best part of going. It's so fun when kids get to the point where they really enjoy the zoo. We will definitely be going back this Fall once it cools down a bit.

The Fort Worth Zoo is huge, so I was surprised how much ground we covered. I guess we didn't stop too long in each area because of the heat. I think the highlight of my visit {okay, it most definitely was the best part} was seeing a baby monkey! He was the most adorable thing ever. Noah thought he was cute too, but he didn't get as excited as I did. :) What can I say, I have a thing for monkeys. We saw elephants, lions, all kind of different birds, giraffes, sharks, snakes, and much more. We had a great time. I am so glad I had my little buddy along for the adventure. I look forward to many more visits to the Zoo.

Here are just a few of my favorites from our day:



August 18, 2011


Well, we tried.
Half of my head is cut off, but oh well.
I still love this picture of the two of us.

This past weekend we took a trip to
visit family and friends in Amarillo.
It was the perfect ending to our Summer.

The weather was beautiful...
especially when the sun went down.
We spent many evenings swinging on
the porch enjoying the coolness of the
weather we long for here in Fort Worth.

We snapped this picture one evening as we
sat outside together in the quietness of the night.

Just the two of us.
It was splendid.


August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


August 07, 2011

Boys & Superheroes

What is it about boys and their love for superheroes?

Noah is just about to turn three and he has already
chosen his favorite superhero: Spiderman!

Over the past few weeks, when we turn on the TV,
Noah's constant request has been, "Spiderman! Spiderman!".
Of course, it only took a few episodes before Noah was
singing along with the theme song...

Oh, that sweet little voice!

I love how he sings the whole song
whether he knows the words or not.
That is just the cutest thing ever.

I have a feeling this won't be the only superhero
theme song that gets stuck in my head all day.


August 05, 2011


I love the days on our calender where there is nothing planned. Around here, those days mean only one thing: family day! It doesn't happen very often, but when it does we always take advantage of the time we have together. Sometimes it's nice to just stay home and spend the day in our pj's. But a lot of times, we will get out of the house and go find something fun to do. A couple weeks ago, we decided to take Noah to one of the local water parks since he had never been to one before.

We had so much fun.

Well, not at first. When we first arrived, Noah didn't want to do anything. We walked through the park with a cranky toddler trying to make the best of our day but finding ourselves frustrated at the same time. Noah hadn't taken a nap that morning, so yeah, he was in such a mood. Fun times, right?

So, we decided to sit down to rest and eat some lunch. And, thankfully, a little food in his belly did the trick. Noah was happy and couldn't wait to get out and play. Here are a few of my favorites of our fun at the water park.


Noah had so much fun. We all did. We played and played until there was not a bit of energy left in us. Us, of course, meaning me and Josh. :) What a wonderful afternoon of fun in the sun and playing in the water! We will be going back very soon!

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