April 22, 2009

On the Move

I think our lives are about to change! Ever since Noah was born he hated tummy time.

This is the reaction we got every time we put Noah on his tummy. I'm telling you, this boy knows what he wants and doesn't want, and it is not difficult to figure out.

Seven months later he has still disliked being on his tummy, well, until recently. Over the past month he has been rolling all over the place! It's amazing how quick he can move. He will be on his blanket playing with his toys and the next thing you know he is scrounging through Einstein's toys trying to decided which one to play with. He is starting to spend a lot more time on his tummy and seems to even enjoy it now! I think he is beginning to realize the endless possibilities of tummy time. Not only is he rolling all over the place, he is starting to get on all fours! I'm pretty sure Noah is about to be on the move!

Whoa!? Are we ready for this? Ready or not here he comes!

April 20, 2009

New Kicks

This past weekend Josh and I took a short trip to Houston together. Actually the purpose of the trip was for Josh to take a certification test, but we decided to make a weekend of it. We had so much fun together on our much needed getaway.

We discovered the joys of the outlet mall in Cypress and snagged a lot of good deals. It's definitely one of the best outlet malls we've ever been to, and it may not have been good that I got paid right before we went.

In the New Balance Store, I found something I simply couldn't pass up. Noah now has a new pair of shoes to match his daddy's. We tried them on today (they fit him perfectly), and here are some pictures. So sweet!

Have a great day!

April 13, 2009

Cancel the recliner order!

I have been so proud of Noah the past two and a half weeks. This has been Noah's bed for the past seven months...

Yep, the carseat!

I'm sure some people thought we were crazy for letting him sleep in it that long, but there comes a point when you just have to get some sleep! Hey, whatever works! Let me give you an idea of what it was like around the Bonjour home if Noah wasn't sleeping in his carseat.

There were times when I thought he would never grow out of it. Josh even said to me one time, "Hey, if Noah wants to grow up sleeping in a recliner, it's fine with me as long as he sleeps well." That comment didn't exactly make me feel any better about it.

A little over two weeks ago I was at work and got a call from Josh. He told me to check my email because he had sent me a picture. I checked it, and this is the sweet surprise I saw! My little baby was sleeping in his big boy crib and has done so for the past two weeks! Yay! I am so proud of him!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hey! I just wanted to write a quick post and wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Libby and I were talking this evening about the importance of Easter. I know what you're thinking, it's obvious that Easter is important. But it's actually not that obvious anymore. Don't believe me? This is what comes up when you search for 'Easter' on Google Images.

Don't get me wrong. I love Peeps. And I'm addicted to Cadbury Creme Eggs. But something is majorly wrong when they take precedence over Jesus. Our faith, our life, and our hope all depend on Jesus walking out of the tomb on Sunday morning 2,000 years ago. Forgive us, Lord for forgetting that.

Here's a video I made for church with a song about the importance of the resurrection. I hope the song speaks to you like it did to me.

Again, Happy Easter!


April 07, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

Honestly, the sweetest picture I've ever seen!

April 06, 2009

Proverbs 16:9

Wow. I have been in a MOOD today! Let me explain. The changes we are going to make as a family in the next couple of months I welcome. In fact, I have been very excited about our move to Fort Worth. There is something that thrills me about our new little adventure as a family. But the thought of giving up my perfect job, and having to look for another one in Fort Worth honestly upsets me big time.

Last week, Josh and I were looking online at different hospitals for a position in a newborn nursery. Let me tell you, when my eyes spotted on the computer screen Full time weeknights Registered Nurse- Newborn Nursery at Andrews Women's Hospital in Fort Worth, I got a little excited. Ok actually that's a lie. I was really excited! I thought to myself, "hey maybe this is all going to work out after all." We scrolled down and came across the qualifications listed:

-Bachelor's degree (check)
-Minimum of 1 year of experience is required (check)
-CPR/Basic Life Support (check)

At that moment, I was feeling pretty darn confident I had a good shot at the job. Not only was the position exactly what I wanted, it seemed perfect. It was located five miles away from our new home and the start date was not until June. I sent in an application and resume, and it wasn't too long before I got a call for an interview. I was thinking to myself, "wow, maybe the search for a job won't be as hard as I thought."

Last night I prepared myself so I could be ready to answer what I thought would be the interviewers questions. Josh helped me practice and we prayed about it before going to bed. Naturally, I was nervous but kept thinking, "surely this is the job God is providing for me."

The phone rang at exactly 1 pm. I was ready. I felt confident in the answers I had prepared. The interview went exactly the opposite of what I thought it would. She asked me every possible question I didn't think of beforehand. If you know me, you know I am not good at thinking of answers under pressure. I don't work that way, and I guarantee I never will. Well, I thought the interview was awful, but she set up another interview for thursday with one of the managers. Not long after the interview, I received a call telling me the position had already been filled. They decided to go with someone who had more experience. I sent the lady that interviewed me an email asking if she could give me some suggestions on how I could improve in the interview process. I received an email telling me I did nothing wrong in the interview, but that they had just changed the requirements on her and she didn't know.

So that is why I have been in a mood today. Honestly, I haven't been upset like this in a long, long time. Like I said before, I totally thought this was the job God was providing. In a way I felt let down. Where was God when I needed Him the most?

He was there. I came across this scripture tonight and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

I had my idea of how things would go and had it all figured out. Or at least I thought I did... but it is the Lord who alone is determining our steps. And as frustrated and upset I have been all day, I am so thankful that God is in control. He has always provided for us and I know He is going to take care of us. I think God made it very clear to me tonight that I need to quit planning our course, but instead trust Him.

Would you please continue to pray with us as we seek God's direction.

April 01, 2009

Pizza at Double Dave's... Yum!

Here are a few pictures of Noah, Mommy, and Daddy on our way home from Fort Worth. We stopped to eat at Double Dave's Pizza in Wichita Falls. It was soooo yummy!

Noah and Mommy reading a book

Noah is grabbing EVERYTHING now! "I almost got it!"

"I got it!"

"Now I'm gonna get Daddy's napkin."

This is what Noah has started doing when he doesn't get his way.

Kisses from Daddy make it all better

"Come here Daddy, let me give you a kiss."

Noah LOVES LOVES LOVES to be thrown up in the air. He just laughs and laughs and forgets all his troubles. So sweet!

By the way, I hate this day! I knew it was the 1st because I had to go up to the hospital for competencies, but I forgot what April 1st meant. I have been fooled twice already (before noon!) What is wrong with me?! I am very surprised Josh wasn't one of the people who played a joke on me. I guess there is still time in the day...