June 26, 2011

Little Squirt

My boy is ornery.
I mean just look at that face.


The other night at the pool, Noah thought it
would be funny to squirt me with his water gun.
Every time he got me wet, he got the biggest grin on
his face and just laughed and laughed and laughed.

His sweet laugh was so contagious,
I found myself laughing right along with him.

We had the best time together.
I sure do love my {ornery} little squirt!


June 24, 2011

Find the Time...

the time to read,
to smell the flowers,
to paint your dreams,
to have coffee with a friend,
to learn a new craft,
to write a letter,
to bake a surprise cake,
to go somewhere special,
to REALLY be with the person you love,
or even to do nothing for a while...


June 23, 2011

Naptime Snuggles


I snapped this picture of me & Noah as we
snuggled in bed one morning before naptime.
I ♥ sweet little Noah snuggles.


June 21, 2011

Keep the ball from daddy!

We are loving the pool this summer! I don't know
what we would do without it. It has been hot, hot, hot
here in Fort Worth, and it is only June. Yikes!

The other evening while we were at the pool,
Noah & Daddy decided they had had enough swimming,
and started up a game of keep the beach ball from each other.


Noah was having the time of his life.
He ran and laughed and kicked the ball until
Daddy was totally worn out.

So glad I brought my camera along that
evening to catch a few pictures of all the fun!



June 15, 2011

Cute, cute, cuuute!

Look what I found tonight...


My mom and I were looking back through some
of my sister's wedding pictures a few minutes ago,
and I came across this pic of Noah in his tux.

He was the ring bearer in Abby's wedding, and
was the cutest & sweetest little thing ever!

I just can't stop smiling...

{picture taken by Chriselda Photography}


June 11, 2011

Mission Jamaica

Well, today has been quite an emotional day for me. Noah and I dropped Josh off at the airport this morning. He and eleven others are going to Jamaica on a mission trip until next Saturday. I don't know why I've had such a hard day? I have been teary eyed all day. Guess I just hate goodbyes... But, I know Josh is in God's hands and I'm so excited he was able to go this year.

Josh and his team will be serving at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf which is located in Knockpatrick, Jamaica. While they are there, they will be helping with construction work around the campus, leading workshops for the teachers, and putting on a Vacation Bible School program for the Deaf children at the school. Will you pray for Josh and his team as they share God's love with the Jamaican people this week? If you would like to be updated on ways you can specifically pray for the group, just click here to read the blog. Josh will be updating it reguarly while they are away.


June 09, 2011

Snow Cones!


We stopped by a snow cone hut yesterday.
Yum. Yum. Yummm.
I got strawberry cheesecake with cream,
and it was amazing... as I knew it would be.

And the cup Noah is drinking from, yeah, that
would be mine. :) He didn't care too much for
green apple. Josh ended up stealing his. haha


I ♥ summertime!


June 04, 2011


These two bring lots of smiles
and laughter to our days.

June 03, 2011

Look what I found...


Father's day is coming up in the next couple of weeks...
have you found a card yet? Yeah, me neither.

Well, today, I found a really great deal on cards;
I just had to share it with you!

Over at Tiny Prints you can create a personalized
Father's Day card for just $0.99 cents! That is so cheap!
There are lots & lots of great cards to choose from!

$0.99 cent offer ends Tuesday (6/7)
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