April 20, 2009

New Kicks

This past weekend Josh and I took a short trip to Houston together. Actually the purpose of the trip was for Josh to take a certification test, but we decided to make a weekend of it. We had so much fun together on our much needed getaway.

We discovered the joys of the outlet mall in Cypress and snagged a lot of good deals. It's definitely one of the best outlet malls we've ever been to, and it may not have been good that I got paid right before we went.

In the New Balance Store, I found something I simply couldn't pass up. Noah now has a new pair of shoes to match his daddy's. We tried them on today (they fit him perfectly), and here are some pictures. So sweet!

Have a great day!


Cynthia Meeks said...

This is TOO CUTE! When we lived in Katy (west of Houston) we went to church right by the outlet malls. They really are great! I am glad you made it back to Noah. Who kept him while you were gone? What certification was Josh getting?

The Bonjour Four said...

the outlet malls are awesome! Josh got me a coach purse for Christmas but we found a coach outlet there at Cypress and I got one for $100! it was such a good deal! I totally had to have it. ha. We really didn't think we would make it back! they kept delaying our flight. it was so frustrating because i wanted to get back to Noah so bad! Josh's parents watched him for us and Josh was getting his interpreter certification. He already has one- just getting a higher level. it was a great weekend. we had a lot of fun.

Erica Nye said...

His new shoes are precious! I loved Walker's baby shoes. Most of the baby things I have given away, but I think I packed away and kept every single pair of baby tennis shoes we had.