January 11, 2011



You know what that means.
Mr. Noah tinkled in his little potty for
the very first time tonight! Yay!

Noah sat down on it so naturally,
like a king on his little throne.
I had no expectations, so after about five
minutes of sitting on the potty, I said,
"Okay, let's get in the bath!"

Um. Negative.

Noah wanted to sit on his potty.
So, I let him.

Then, all of a sudden we heard a little tune.
Noah looked up at me with the funniest expression
on his face like, "Is my potty playing music??"

I couldn't believe my ears.
Did Noah really just use his little potty?

He sure did!
And I was so proud of him!

But I have to be honest here...

When it comes to potty training,
I have no idea what I'm doing.
And especially with a boy. Oh my!

Advice? I'm all ears.



tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

Yay, Noah!!

Ha! I'm totally unsure of how to potty train my lil' man too! At least I have a little while to figure it out ;)

Good Luck!!!

ASHLEY said...

GO NOAH!!!! That is awesome! I have a ebook that is the 3 day potty training manual and it worked for Claire and we have passed it on to all of my friends and everyone has been successful! I'll email it you!

Amanda said...

YAY Noah!! That's awesome! My little one (turning two this week) finally wants to sit on it w/o his diaper, so we're taking baby steps to potty training. I have no advice for ya! :)

Craft That Party said...

I am potty training my little man right now as well. With my bigger little man, we set a potty timer (aka microwave) every half hour and tried. He got 1 m&m for trying, 2 for pee, 3 for poop. As he got the hang of it we moved the timer back to an hour, then 2. etc...

Every little one is different, but this worked for us and sped up the process!

I am thinking of changing the reward to stickers, but not sure how that is going to go over!

Good luck!

Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

Put something in the toilet for him to tee tee on! like a cheerio.. the boys loved doing that.. weird, I know.. totally a boy thing!

Chrissy said...

How great! What a milestone! Yay!! Potty-training has been a while for me since Leonie is going to be 8 in May! I just remember having her sit on her potty every now and then and turning on the water to make her do it! Worked most of the time! And, before we went to bed at night we sat her on the potty to make sure she can make it throught the night! That helped a lot!

audrey said...

this is what i think. you should put this picture in his senior yearbook...you know those messages a parent gets to put in the back of the book? he will love it. love it!

Mary said...

Woohoo Noah! Man I wish I could help you but I am in the exact same boat as you. I am starting up with Hailey and I'm just winging it! lol

Good luck to you and Noah! :)

Melanie said...

Just a warning....if your son is like my son, once he learns how to use the potty, don't be surprised if he wants to visit every bathroom in every store or restaurant. It is so funny because my daughter didn't do that, so I guess it's a boy thing.

Dena said...

My advice is to just let him have fun right now. Let him use if he wants and don't force him if he doesn't. Then when you think you can get serious. Try for a day with underwear. If it doesn't work try again when you think he's ready. The average age for a boy is 3 so don't feel pressured just yet!

Jen said...

GO Noah! I remember when my best friend was potty training her girls. Oh my GEEZ! That's not a time I am looking forward to.

jillian sara said...

Look at the cutest picture EVER!!!! oh my goodness!!!!! So I don’t have advice yet. I do agree though with the comment about bribary and every half hour. I have heard to do that with boys.

OurLittleBlessingS said...

i hope you got my email-you hurry up and figure all this out and then pass all your awesome advice on to me!!! we are starting in the next month or so(eek!) and i have no clue either!!

he's looking more like a big boy everytime you post!

Mrs. Patrick said...

Yay Noah! I love that pic by the way too cute! I may need you to teach me your secret your photos ALWAYS look amazing! Do you always use photoshop to edit? I have it (well on my external hard drive that is w/out a power cord! I really need to find that cord lol)

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Oh wow! Success on the first time hooray!