January 06, 2011

Christmas Morning

It's funny how things change when you have a child, isn't it?
Josh and I decided to just give each other something small this year,
but honestly I would have been okay not getting anything.
I was more excited about watching Noah open his stocking & gifts.

Josh had to work Christmas Eve, so when he got off work Christmas
morning around six, he came home and got busy in the kitchen
making us some breakfast sandwiches. These sandwiches {which
are amazing by the way!} are what Josh grew up eating on Christmas
morning, so we decided to keep that tradition in our own family.

Sooo yummy!


We all sat down together and stuffed our faces!
Noah loved the breakfast sandwiches! In fact, I think it was his
very first time to taste the famous Bonjour Christmas sandwiches.

Not long after we finished eating, Noah climbed up on one
of the kitchen barstools so he could turn on the faucet and play
in the water. That boy loves to play in the kitchen sink!

You can tell by the look on his face in the first
picture he knows he isn't supposed to be up there.


And he got caught by Daddy!


And yes, Noah is wearing mummy pj's. Ha
I looked and looked for some cute Christmas pajamas
and couldn't find any! Even Walmart, of all places, was out.
Oh well. Guess I didn't look early enough.

Anyway, before we opened up stockings and presents,
we all sat down together and Daddy read the Christmas story.
It was a wonderful, quiet moment we spent together
reflecting on the birth of Jesus Christ.


And then Noah opened up his stocking. When we first gave it to him,
it was funny because he really didn't know what it was all about.


But it didn't take him long to figure it out.
He loved all of his stocking stuffers! He got
lots and lots of Toy Story stuff, a few cars, some
candy, a paint brush set, and a squishy ball. :)
Santa did good!


Noah loved the pound-a-ball toy he got.
He had so much fun hitting the balls with the
hammer and watching them go through the holes
onto the ramps that took them to the bottom.


He loved it so much, he didn't even care about
any of the other presents he had. Ha.


And then he saw Woody, and Buzz, and Jessie,
and Bullseye and all the other Toy Story characters...


and couldn't wait for Daddy to open up the box!


We spent a lot of the morning watching
Noah play with all of his new toys. So much fun!
It was a wonderful Christmas morning!



Linda P. said...

Enjoyed hearing about your Christmas, Libby!

Jami Nato said...

nothing says christmas like halloween jammers. ha. very fun!

ASHLEY said...

how cute!! I just bought toy story 3 and it's been 3 days and we've watched it 20 times! Claire loves it!

tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

nothing like experiencing Christmas through your child's eyes :) amazing!

Erin Ward said...

I love that picture of Noah looking at that ball. Like, "hmmm... What am I suppose to do with this?" He's so cute! I love watching little kids play with their new presents. It's just so fun!

Amanda said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a great Christmas :)

Prairie said...

It's so fun isn't it? We were with the big family (i.e. Brent's side) so Jo got to be with her cousin on Christmas morning. They are about 5 weeks apart and had so much fun checking out each other's toys and playing with things. The joys of childhood for sure!

Chrissy said...

Awe, I love his face while he and Daddy are opening the toy story present! So cute!
Looks like the perfect Christmas morning (and those sandwiches look delicious!)!

Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

ughhh. so cute! i love how you got all of the pictures of his little faces as he opened! Christmas is so fun with the boys as they get older, but that age is truly priceless.. I miss it! Looks like a very blessed Christmas, Libby!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Bennett got that hammer & ball toy, too!!! Although, he doesn't use the hammer... don't think he quite gets it yet. He just slams the balls down with his hand. Eh, whatever works! :) Beautiful photos!

Mary said...

What a great Christmas morning! Those sandwiches look really good. That's so fun Noah got all the Toy Story guys. Is that what you got at Target on Black Friday?

I hope you have a great weekend :)

P.S. Did you watch the new Grey's Anatomy last night? ;)

Lulu said...

He is so cute! Love how intense he is with his new toys!

I felt the same about Christmas this year, it was all about the babe! :)

Lulu ;)

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

It looks like a wonderful Christmas! You always get such awesome pics!

Unknown said...

my fave picture is the one where he has boogers all over his nose.

Even getting older - Im happy enough not to get gifts even though its lovely. I rather see other people happy with handmade things or the younger family members

Ashley Eiban said...

This all looks so fun! Looks like he's the perfect age to really enjoy Christmas and start those awesome Christmas traditions!

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