December 15, 2011


current book(s)
well... i started wild at heart not long ago, but i
haven't been good about reading lately, so it is
sitting on my bedside table collecting dust.

current playlist
her voice. love.

current color
nicole by opi nail polish: silver sparkles
seven bucks at target


current food
just stole a few spoonfuls of
chicken fried rice from my hubby. :)

current favorite show
grey's anatomy.

current #1 blessing

current needs
for the sick bug to leave our house.

current outfit
nothing exciting...
so let's pretend i'm wearing
something cute & comfy like this:


current excitement
going to the lake house for christmas this year!

current mood

current indulgence

current triumph(s)
i really don't know.

current bane of my existence


current favorite holiday decoration
our christmas tree. 

it's so pretty!

current #1 item on your wishlist
i think i'm gonna have to go with the silver glitter toms


current new years resolution
to simplify.
get rid of junk!

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Libby's Life said...

We desperately need to get rid of junk too!! Our house is ridiculous!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Love that outfit! It's the perfect mix of casual comfort. :)

Victoria said...

i totally have to check out that christmas album,everyone is raving about it.

cute blog!

happy weekend!

Linda P. said...

Missed you at the church Christmas party, and now I read that there is sickliness at your house. So sorry. Amen to the get rid of junk! Some of my "junk" is really abundance of craft supplies, and the only acceptable way to get rid of that is to craft more. OKAY!

Beth Dunn said...

Love fried rice!

Dashing Tales said...

Okay I have the black glitter ones and I'm OBSESSED!!! LOVE this post!!