December 08, 2011



Last Friday evening Josh and I went to a Shane and Shane/
Phil Wickham Christmas-Worship-Concert, and it was awesome! I
haven't been to a concert since, well, I can't even remember.


It was such an enjoyable, relaxing evening for the both of us.
Definitely a great start to the Christmas season.
And they even had free child care! Can't get better than that!


Josh took this picture one evening while I was at work,
and I'm so glad he did because Noah does this quite a bit around
our house. He loves building "cities." And he is really quite creative
with it and will use just about anything he can find to build the city.


Only my parents would send Noah a mini
Christmas tree in the mail. Hehe. LOVE it!

Today we got a knock at the door and we ran to see who
it was. Lying outside our door was a box from a flower company.
For a second I thought, "Did Josh order me flowers?!" Then I
looked at the name on the box. "What? Flowers for Noah?"

Of course, Noah was thrilled the box was for him! He opened it up
and found a mini Christmas tree with lights and a box of ornaments!

The letter said, "Hi Noah, here is a fun little tree for you to decorate!
When you come to the lake on Christmas, you can plant the tree by
our house, and each year watch it grow! Have fun!
-Love, Mimi and Grandad

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever!? I think I'm
more excited about this little tree than Noah. Haha.
Noah really enjoyed decorating his little Christmas tree
this afternoon. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Noah found my eye pencil one morning and drew
p himself a pretty picture on my bathroom cabinets.
Thank goodness for Mr. Clean's magic eraser!
It all came off! Whew!


Noah loooooves playing with the little toy
animals whenever we go to Michaels or Target.
I think he might just be getting some for Christmas!


Mmmm homemade hot chocolate!
We've been making a lot around here lately.


Today while we were shopping at Hobby Lobby,
aka "Hobby Hobby" :), I bought some craft ornaments
for Noah to paint. He picked out a snowflake and a
candy cane and couldn't wait to get home to paint them.
He did such a great job! Now we have some bright,
happy little ornaments to hang on our tree.


One night, when Noah was supposed to be in bed,
he got up, found a piece of paper, and started tearing
off strips to create the letters: H, T, and L.
Little smarty! :) We were totally impressed!

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The Christians said...

Haha! What an adorable, SMART little boy you have on your hands!! Love his little personality. Can't believe he is tearing paper to make letters!! Umm...Harvard...we have an early admission for you!

Linda P. said...

Oh, I just loved seeing all these pics! Wow, Noah IS smart, tearing paper to make letters! Your parents' sending that little tree to Noah was beyond sweet!

Mary said...

That is so cute he got a Christmas tree! My mother in law told us about a tradition where everyone in the house gets their own little tree in their room and it's decorated with ornaments and things that the person likes. Kyle's of course would be covered with Packers stuff. :)

I may have to invest in one of those magic erasers! Kids are so sneaky.

Have a great weekend friend!

Tammy said...

What a neat idea with the mini Christmas tree! So cute!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Aw, so cute about the little tree! My hubby bought me a baby tree, too...they're just so sweet & cute. :)

Jodi@ said...

Noah has some AWESOME grandparents!! That is such a great gift and something he can enjoy and remember every year! :o)

He's so cute! I love the snake in the midst of his town. Hopefully the snake didn't bother anyone! haha

Lindsey Jo said...

the christmas tree is such a cool idea!