July 08, 2010

Question/Answer Session

Updated with another question below.

One of my sweet friends and fellow blogger, Jess, sent me a few questions a couple of days ago. They were really good questions, so I thought instead of just emailing her back, I would make a post of it. Hope some of you find this information helpful. And if any of you have any other questions, just leave me a comment or send me an email, and I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

So, let's get started, shall we?

1. Where do you get all of your recipes?

I get probably 95% of my recipes off of the Weight Watcher's etools. There are literally thousands of recipes to choose from. No joke. It is amazing! I was always so frustrated with eating healthy before I started Weight Watchers because I never knew where to look for good, healthy recipes. I never feel that way anymore. Also on the etools, there is a recipe builder tool, where you can type in the ingredients you already have, and then the site brings up recipes you can cook with what you already have.


I also use a lot of recipes off of Gina's Weight Watcher's Recipes website. Love, love, love Gina! If you have never visited her website, stop what you are doing right now, and click here.


2. Are any of the Weight Watchers meetings free?

Yes, you can check out a meeting for free! No appointments are necessary and there is no obligation to join. Just go and check it out!

3. Can you bring kids to the meetings?

Yes, actually you can. I have seen several mothers bring their kiddos along with them to the meeting. Usually the meetings only last about 20-30 minutes.

4. As far as working out, do you just follow a plan on the Weight Watcher's etools? Also, do you workout at home or in a gym?

On the Weight Watcher's etools there is a tab labeled, "Fitness and Health." I cannot even begin to tell you how much information is under that tab. There are sample exercise demos, fitness tips, health and fitness articles, tips to losing weight. I mean tons and tons and tons of helpful information!


As for my own personal workout, I have been doing a mix of two different programs:

I downloaded an app on my iphone called C25K {Couch to 5k}. This is a program that has been designed to help you train your body to run 5 kilometers in 9 weeks. I have been so impressed with the C25k program and would recommend it to anyone! When I started 7 weeks ago, I was completely out of shape. But I have not once felt like I could not do it. It starts you off slowly and gets your body moving, alternating between walking and running small distances. And over each week, your running time increases. I am on week 7 right now-- running 25 minutes straight! I never thought I'd be able to do it, but I have been amazed at my body's ability to run for long distances. It is an awesome, awesome program! And you can upload a completed run by a click of a button to Facebook and Twitter. I don't know why, but that alone has been a motivating factor for me. I do the C25k programs 3 times a week in our apartment gym. For information about the program, click here. After I graduate the C25k plan, I am going to do the Bridge to 10k.


The other exercise program I use is the at home Air Climber System. I love this program and I swear by it that it works! I'm always covered in sweat {sorry that's gross} after my workout with the Air Climber. Even after a couple weeks of using it, I felt an overall toning of my body. I don't lift weights in the gym, I use this program instead. I also love that I can workout in the comfort of my own home 3 days a week! To read more about the Air Climber, click here.


5. I was thinking about doing the 17 week program. Did you just do the unlimited? Or how did you do it?

The Weight Watchers program has many different options to choose from. I decided to sign up for the Monthly Pass which costs $39.95 a month. I know that probably seems like a lot of money to spend each month, but it is worth every penny. With the Monthly Pass option you get:

a. Free registration
b. Unlimited meetings per month
c. You receive the internet weight loss tools: etools
d. You get Weight Watchers lowest price per week {average of $9.22 per week}

It made sense to me to go ahead and sign up for the Monthly Pass, because registration was free and I could cancel at anytime.

Here are some faq's about the Monthly Pass on the Weight Watcher's Website. Click here.

6. Is it easy to learn the Weight Watcher's points system?

Yes! It is soooo easy. At your very first meeting, you will meet with your leader and they will go over the whole program with you. After a day or two, you will be a pro at counting points.

7. When you went to Jamaica and Youth Camp, were you more relaxed or did you still have to count points?

I did not count one point when I went on both trips. But I did watch my portion sizes. That is what Weight Watchers is all about really. And I also try to drink a lot of water. I admit though, at camp I did have a strawberry and cream cheese cupcake {so worth it!} and some Reeces Pieces candy. And, I maybe had a Dr. Pepper or two ... or three. But that is okay. It's okay to cheat every once in a while. I may not have been very faithful with my eating, but I did remain faithful to my exercising all week long. I made Josh run with me in the evenings. He wasn't very happy some of the evenings, but I told him to suck it up and go put his running shoes on. Thank you honey for putting up with me.

Update: I received another question not long ago, so I thought I would just add it to this post.

8. I am thinking of joining Weight Watchers, but I don't know how I will make it to the meetings. Do you know anything about the online program?

I don't know a lot about the online program, but I have read weight loss stories on the Weight Watchers website from people who used the online program. Click
here for more information about doing Weight Watchers online.

Again, if you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. I will keep your name private too if you prefer to remain anonymous.

I have a lot of catching up to do! It has been a crazy, busy summer!

Have a wonderful evening.



Mary said...

Hey there! Thank you for posting this! I am thinking of joining weight watchers but I don't know how I will make it to the meetings. Do you know anything about the online program? I was thinking of trying that.


Mandy said...

Hey there, thanks for posting skinnytaste.com and the weight watchers website - I'm not overweight, but I definitely could use a diet/lifestyle makeover. I stopped working out about 3 weeks ago because of the new house plus heavy stress, and my diet has also suffered -- I'm going to check out both websites for some tips and recipes!

Have a good day!
~ Mandy

The Christians said...

Hey girl! Way behind on commenting on blogs...thanks for all your comments! Great info - thanks for sharing and answering those questions so thoroughly. I didn't know you could bring kiddos to WW meetings. Hmmm. I might try a few without Ian and then see what the enviroment there is. Still planning on joining. And WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Running 25 min straight...that is crazy awesome! Good job! Hope all is going well. Take care!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

thanks so much for posting this libby! your answers were great and i'm very excited to attend a meeting next week! thanks for being my inspiration and motivation girl:)

Prairie said...

I've never done WW although my hubbbie and I have talked about it. We do however use Gina's Recipes website that you mentioned and it is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing you journey! : )

Angie said...

Wow!! those are good and learning new things to change a new lifestyle!! Thanks for sharing this with me! ILY

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