July 09, 2010

My Hubby's got Talent

As most of you know, we were gone at camp last week.
We played a lot of wild & crazy games as you can imagine,
but my favorite of the week was who could eat
an Oreo first without using their hands!

It was so funny!

I'm pretty proud of my hands free Oreo eating champion!

p.s. Sorry for the poor video quality-- I videoed it on my iphone.


The Christians said...

Haha...nice! If he ever needs to quit his day job, he's got another talent to put on his resume!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

ahhahah that's funny!!!

thanks for the comment(s)! lol

Kasey said...

Girl that is hilarious!!! I like his technique. Very smart! I watched this early this morning and I busted out laughing. Nothing like a good laugh first thing in the morning.