July 30, 2010

Calling All Parents

Okay, you experienced parents out there,
I {we} need some advice.

Our little Noah has literally
turned into a little monkey.

A monkey I tell ya.

Guess who woke me & Josh up
the day before yesterday?

Yep, you're right.
Mr. Monkey.

He wasn't calling us from his bedroom.
Oh no, he was standing in our bedroom
talking to us non-stop.

And, if it is possible to master the art of
climbing out of your crib, Noah has mastered it.


I cannot believe how fast he
can climb out of his crib.
I'm quite impressed.

So, what's the problemo you ask?

We cannot keep our little ape in his crib.

He thinks it's pretty fun.
And really, I don't blame him.
I probably would do the same thing.

But, it has kind of gotten tricky
around here knowing how to handle this.

Is it time to pull out the big boy bed?

We need advice--
any advice you can give us
is much appreciated!



Two Little Tots said...

Oh, i remember the day it happened in our house and it was a big game for the girls! They would not stop and it drove us nuts.

Since we had two, I didn't want to go out and buy 2 crib tents...that is one option for you. So, we moved them to big girl beds right away! Their beds came Christmas Eve...yes, it was a great Christmas around here with 2 little monkeys getting out of the beds all of the time, but it was so much better then having them get out of the cribs...that was just too much fun and a game for them.

The girls have done pretty well with their big girl beds...better right away and then they figured out they had the freedom to get out, but I think kids will be kids...they always want one more drink of water or need to go potty one more time.

I would go to the big boy bed, but that is just me.
keep us posted!

Teresa Podzemny said...

Big boy bed!

Shannau said...

Malie climbed out of her crib last night for the first time- but I don't think it will happen very often though.. Maybe you should try taking the drop side off of Noah's crib and lowering the mattress to the lowest point. Maybe a side guard as well? My other kids weren't ready for big kid beds til they were nearly 3 due to falling off the bed!

Dena said...

I'd say it's time for a big boy bed if he keeps doing it. Your next problem will probably be that he'll still be showing up in your room and getting out of bed constantly. I have a solution for that once you encounter it though.

OurLittleBlessingS said...

love your new blog design! when did this happen?? it is new, right? ha! i'm not very observant these days.

Amanda Castro said...

I say..... TIME FOR BIG BOY BED! Ha... and when Noah comes to your room... act like you're already asleep then hopfully he will go back and sleep, WINK

Prairie said...

Well, as you know Jo has been in a bed for a long time now. Since he is able to get himself out completely, I say move to the bed. It will make you feel more comfortable since you won't worry about him falling and it will be that next step in teaching Noah independence.

However, build up your patience because you will now have to tackle the ever-so-problematic issue of him coming out of his room after he has been put down. Have fun! : )