July 21, 2010

Summer Fun

I have to say, this has definitely been one of my favorite summers ever!
I get to spend all day, everyday with my little guy, Noah, and it just
doesn't get better than that {except when Daddy is with us too!}.

We have had a busy, busy summer! But it's a good busy. We've had so much fun!
Staying indoors would just be a shame on these warm {ok, hot} summer days.
There are so many fun things to do here in Fort Worth!

Here are my favorites
{Get ready for lots and lots of pictures!}:

Taking time with Noah to cruise in his Volkswagen Beetle.


It has been really hot this summer, but that hasn't stopped us
from getting out and playing at the park.


"Here Mommy, I found you a tree branch."


Taking a break with Mommy. Whew! It's hot!


One of our favorite spots this summer has been the pool.
We go almost every day, especially since we have a pool so close to us.
It has been wonderful and such a relief from the heat!
You can bet it didn't take Noah long to learn the sign, "swim."


Happy boy!


Laying out working on his tan.


Such a sleepy little guy. Playing at the pool is hard work!


We've played with bouncy balls!


And guess what else we've done this summer? We went to the Fort Worth Zoo!
We could not believe how big it is! We will definitely have to make another
trip out there. We probably only made it through a third of it!
We saw all sorts of fun animals: monkeys, zebras, alligators, elephants, & giraffes.
Noah loved watching the animals. We can't wait to take him again!


Of course, as soon as we walked by the M&M machine, Noah
went straight to it. He knew there was "candy" in that thing.
It was so funny. He kept walking back and forth in front of the
machine trying to figure out how to get the candy out.
We can thank Papa for his M&M addiction.


I love this picture of Noah. He is waiting so patiently
for Daddy to open up the candy for him.


Noah helping Daddy run the sound at church.
Such a big helper!


What a fun summer we've had together!



The Christians said...

Awww...how fun!! Noah is starting to look soooo much like Josh! Looks like you guys have had a great summer! Love the pool pictures. We haven't been going as often lately as we should.

Melanie Lyons said...

Looks like ya'll have had a full summer. Love the picture of Noah leaning on his elbow and peeking in the m&m machine. Hope the rest of your summer is just as fabulous. Can't believe it's coming to an end.

Susan/mom/mimi said...

So cute! Cannot believe he is going down those stairs by himself!!

Mary said...

What a fun summer! I love the pictures of him at the pool. :) He is so cute.

Ingram Gang said...

The picture of Noah at the pool with the hat on looking at the camera looks JUST like Josh to me! Oh my goodness...
What a cute little fella you have on your hands!

Brittany said...

He is so adorable! The m&m pictures have got to my favorite.
I just realized I've never seen Noah talk-verbally. very interesting. :)

OurLittleBlessingS said...

he is sooo sweet!! i love all hte pics of him..he looks so much like his daddy!:D

glad you guys are having fun..i dont know how you do it in that heat:P