July 24, 2010

A Gentle Reminder

I wish I were better about jotting down the cute things Noah does on a daily basis; it would sure be easier to remember those sweet moments, when I sat down to blog about them. This afternoon, Noah did something I {nor his Daddy} never, ever want to forget. So I sit and I write to share this sweet moment we had with Noah this afternoon.

If you know our family at all, you know the Bonjours are usually {ok, always} late and that we are big procrastinators. I haven't always been that way, but when my name changed from Callan to Bonjour, something happened to me. Not good traits to have, I know, but it seems no matter how hard we try, we are still always late and always waiting until the last minute to get things done. Of course after our sweet little bundle of joy was born, it only got worse. Naturally.

So anyway, this week our family had church cleaning duties, meaning we had to get the church spotless by Sunday morning. We planned on getting it done Friday afternoon, but yeah, that didn't happen. So our relaxing Saturday afternoon turned into cleaning day at the church, which is perfectly fine because we were still spending time together as a family. Of course, since we are procrastinators like I mentioned before, we didn't get to the church to clean until mid afternoon, which probably wasn't the best plan since Josh had to work this evening. We had three hours max to eat something, clean, and drive home so Josh could get ready for work.

On our way to the church, we grabbed some food to bring with us, so we could sit down and eat real quick before we started cleaning. We finally arrived at the church, brought our food and drinks in, and then we all three sat down at one of the tables in fellowship hall to eat.

As we were eating lunch and probably half way through our meal, our sweet little Noah did this:


Josh and I looked at each other realizing in our rush to eat and start cleaning, we had forgotten to pray for our meal.

But Noah hadn't forgotten.

Thank you Lord for the sweet and gentle reminder you gave us today through our precious Noah. These are the moments I always want to remember.



Linda P. said...

Oh, Libby, that is so sweet! It brought tears to my eyes! What a tribute to you and Josh that you are teaching Noah to remember to pray! AND of course, how great that the Lord used Noah to remind YOU in return! Great post!

Mary said...

That is so cute! Hailey started doing the same thing. I think it is so sweet. She likes to remind us as well before we eat.

Again so cute!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

Oh so precious!

Mom said...

So So sweet....it tells us so vividly that their little eyes are watching...a gentle reminder.

Sarah said...

That is just precious, Libby! And what a sweet picture!
I also loved your last post. So true. I can totally relate!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

This is the sweetest picture and what a wonderful, heartfelt reminder. Thanks for that, we all need it.