April 30, 2010

Veggie Tales Toothbrush

Noah got a new toothbrush.
One of his Amarillo buddies, Jacob, gave it to him.
And he's pretty excited about it.
Yeah, I am being serious.

This isn't just any ol' toothbrush.
This fancy little toothbrush sings Veggie Tales, my friends.

Totally genius I tell ya.
Especially when you have a little boy
who hates {to put it lightly} getting his teeth brushed.

However, Noah does love Veggie Tales.
No doubt about that.
So, you can imagine the look on his sweet little face
when he heard the familiar tunes coming out of his new toothbrush.

Now brushing his teeth isn't nearly as bad as it used to be.
Take a look:


Can you believe it?! Noah is actually smiling as he brushes his teeth.


That is some serious brushing.


Apparently Noah has his Daddy's gag reflex.
Not good. Not good at all.
I'll spare you details.


Such a happy little guy with his new toothbrush.

Melanie & Jacob, we can't thank you enough
for the cute toothbrush you sent Noah.

Tooth brushing around here is getting easier by the day!
Praise the Lord!



adie1983 said...

Super cute! Love your camera, great pics!

Kasey said...

That is the perfect tooth brush for him! I'm glad that it's made brushing his teeth a little easier for you all. I love how he's just playing around as that brush hangs out of his mouth. Haha! That is so cute.

Melanie Lyons said...

Glad he liked it! Wish they would always be so content with such simple things!