April 10, 2010

Einstein & Noah

See Einstein sleep.
He just looks so peaceful. So content. So relaxed.


But his afternoon naps don't ever last long.


Einstein has grown accustomed to life with a toddler.


Personal space for Einstein no long exists.


But he doesn't mind.


Well, sometimes he doesn't mind.


Einstein puts up with a lot for sure, but you can see why he does:


Melt my heart.



MJS said...

Awwwww!!!!!! I love the pics of the two of them! Partners in Crime!! And the craziest thing is I was going to ask you where all the pics of Einstein were, but here's one now! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Einstein, you're such a sweet loving big brother! A wonderful example for lil-Noah. See....the last pix...lil-Noah is following your example..nice, calm and relaxing...just like his big bro. Hugs and kisses!

Amanda said...

And mine!! That is so cute!! You are one lucky lady!


Unknown said...

Those are to sweetest pictures I have ever seen of a little boy and his best friend! We have a pug named Mason, and he and my son are best buddies. It is just about the cutest thing in the world when Ian goes up and gives Mason a hug.

My Family said...

Such a sweet picture! I love when kids love on animals, and Einstein is such a great sport. Too Cute!!

Anonymous said...

Those are such cute pics Libby. We miss you! Glad Einstein is so good with him.

Anonymous said...

i love the last pic. too sweet!!!


floodedsoul said...

sooo precious!!

Sarah said...

Aww, adorable pictures! And I love the bellybutton pictures too! I just wanna squeeze little Noah, he's just too sweet!

Linda P. said...

Isn't that the greatest that Einstein is such a tolerant, good big brother? That is so sweet to see Noah lovin' on him. Guess who taught Noah about love? You did! : )

Kasey said...

This is just too sweet! That last one really does melt my heart. They are such good friends.