April 26, 2010

Life with a Toddler

Everyday is a new adventure with Noah.
He keeps Mommy on her toes that's for sure!
I am starting to quickly realize I can't avert my eyes
for long, because when I do, things like this happen:


Noah has recently discovered the top
of the dining room table. Yikes!

This boy can climb to the top of the table
before I can blink an eye. He is pretty sneaky
about it too, because he knows it's a big no-no.


Ah, life with a toddler!



Megan J. Slane said...

Holy Cow!!! He's definitely growing into his "Monkey Shoes"!!!!!

Well, they say that Windex can take handprints off of glass doors, I wonder if it will take little footprints off of a glass table?! lol!!!


Mama M. said...

Awww...Libby, what a doll! I love his hair...and his "wise" expression on the second pic!

Thanks for visiting my blog...gotta love P-Dub, she's just the best, isn't she?!

Unknown said...

Table surfing! Ian hasn't managed that yet, but our dog did once. He jumped up and just about slid off the other side not realizing it was a slick surface.

Dea said...

Thank you for returning a very nice comment on my blog =]

And i do like it enough to come back..ill add you to my blogroll ;)

Cynthia Meeks said...

Ah! Scary! How did our sweet little babies turn into these crazy curious toddlers?

Prairie said...

We've been having that battle lately as well. Our dinning room chairs are very heavy so as long as we remember to push them in, she can't get up there. If we don't, she is up there and making a mess. Crazy kids! Hard to believe all they can do now - and they aren't even 2 yet!

Melanie Lyons said...

That last picture looks like he's planning his next move. It's fun to see the boyish adventurous side come out but a little scary too. You'll be amazed at how creative he will be. I bet there will many more post to come like this one!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

i love his expressions! ha!!
i would say ft worth is a little too far for us to play :(

Kasey said...

Hahaha! I love this. His sweet little face that he gives in that second picture like "what?". Just cracks me up! Grace has also started getting a little more adventurous on her climbing, but not to that degree. (yet!) Oh when the day comes, I don't know what I will do!