April 01, 2010

I am Baker


Well, no, I'm not the baker. I wish I was the baker because this baker is fabulous, amazing, and so very, very talented. Her name is Amanda and I'm not lying when I tell you she can cook up a sugary storm in the kitchen. I love her creativity, her style, and her use of bold, bright colors. Her cooking site is full of guilty pleasures and she knows just how to draw you in where you just can't help but come back for more! Take a look at some of her amazingness {if that's even a word?}:


See, I told you. You want to see more of her fabulous goodies, don't ya? Just click right here and you can go indulge your eyes {and tummy} some more.

And speaking of sweetness, is this not the sweetest site you've ever seen?


Have a wonderful day!


Amanda said...

Oh Libby!! You are so generous with your compliments.. thank you SO much for blessings me today!! I feel so humbled by your kindness... I'm almost speechless!

And YES! That IS the sweetest site I have ever seen!


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness....where's the warning and caution on this blog??? I'm drooling all over the place!!! YUMMY...but...yes, the sweetest part of it all is the lil-fellow at the end. HUGS! -CJ

Kasey said...

Wow those desserts are amazing!!! I've always wanted my cookies to look that cool and delicious. I haven't looked at the website yet, but here I come!

Noah and his sweet little self! He's so precious.