April 10, 2010

Belly Button

This is what Noah does when I ask him where his belly button is:


He lifts his shirt up, looks down at his belly,
and then sticks his little finger in his belly button.

It is cute. Really cute.

But my favorite is when I catch him
admiring his belly button in front of the oven.
Kind of like this:


I don't think I could ever get tired of watching him do that!
Oh, I just love that little boy!



Susan...mom said...

SO cute!!! Can't wait to see that little one again. These pics are priceless! Love you all!

Melanie Lyons said...

I love the first picture, so sweet. That last picture is to funny! It's so fun watching kids check their reflections out, such great expressions.

Cynthia Meeks said...

That is hilarious! Hutton loves his belly button but I haven't seen him checking it out in the mirror. I love how he is sticking out his tummy and his tongue. What a cute boy!

The Christians said...

So stinkin adorable!! Love it! Thanks for sharing...made my day!

MJS said...

that's priceless!! thanks so much for the laugh!!

Kasey said...

Grace loves her belly button too. But that is just hilarious how he admires it in front of the oven. I don't think I would ever get tired of seeing that either. How sweet!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been keeping up to date on your blogs. I promise to be better!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh...one day, Libby, you're gonna pull out these pictures when he is about 13-14 years old and Noah's gonna say..."MMOOMMM"!!!!! heehee. Then you can say, "Noah, clean that bedroom or I'll post these all over FB!" LOL But for now, he's the sweetest, cutest, and most adorable lil-Noah around! Notice how that sweet tongue comes out when he pushes his tiny tummy button. HeeHee! .....CJ

floodedsoul said...

that CRACKS me up! He's Josh's mini me in face and in fun! You are going to have one JOY-filled house all the days of your life my friend! Noah is SO stinking cute!

apryl said...

SOOOOO cute!