April 15, 2010

Before & After

Guess who got his second haircut today?

But he was not happy about it, and
he cried the entire time. Poor baby.

We tried everything we could think
of to help soothe his fears, but
nothing {and I mean nothing} helped.
All he wanted was for that darn lady with
the scissors to leave his head alone!

And how Mrs. Kym did it without
butchering his hair, I don't know.

Anyway, Noah is doing much better.
He was all smiles as soon as we walked out of
Cool Cuts for Kids.

What a little stinker!


p.s. Happy belated birthday Pa!
Hope you had a very special day. We love you!


Megan J. Slane said...

He's growing up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to fast!!! Wow seems like just yesterday he was born! These pics are to cute!!!! I love his little toothy grin!!!

Kasey said...

Well she did do a great job! Sweet little Noah. Grace is like that with the doctor. As soon as I lay her on the table to get checked out she goes in panic mode! I wonder how she'll do when we take her to get her first cut. Those people must be trained to cut kids hair or something. I would be terrified of butchering their hair!

Melanie Lyons said...

Kinda sad how haircuts make them look even older :( It looks great tho! Cartoons on the iphone and dumdums have worked for us thus far. At least when they are in high school we won't have to bribe them....maybe!

Kellye Flynn said...

Wow, just his second hair cut? Sweet Abram is 9 months and has had 4! LOL, Being born with full heads of hair didn't help much.
He looks absolutely adorable. =)

The Bonjour Four said...

Megan- I know! It's so sad. :(

Kasey- yeah they are brave souls! I bet Grace will do great! Bring a dum dum sucker for her.

Melanie- yeah we tried everything: Veggie Tales, sucker, me holding him he didn't want anything to do with it! Ha It does make them look so much older! it's crazy.

Kellye- I'm was so happy to see you left a comment! thanks! Wow, that's crazy! I bet he does great though.. he's probably used to it by now. :)