April 20, 2010

Guess what Noah Ate?

I guess it could be worse.
But still, I just cringe {and dry heave}
when I think about what Noah was chomping on.

What do you think Noah was eating?
Take a wild guess.


I'll give you a clue:


Okay, I'll give ya one more clue:


That's right, Mr. Noah had a mouthful
{and I do mean a mouthful}
of Einstein's dog food in his mouth.
Gag me. Makes me want to throw up
every time I think about it.

I thought we were past this
infatuation with Einstein's food.
But, apparently we are not.
Noah looked like a chipmunk his mouth was so full.

And really, there was no point wrestling with
him to try to dig the mush out of his mouth,
so I grabbed my camera instead.

Oh Noah.
What will I ever do with you?
I'm sure Einstein would appreciate it
if you left his food alone.
Silly, silly boy!



Tammie said...

Libby that is so funny and cute,but he will eventually leave the food alone.

Unknown said...

My son often begs for our dog's food. He points his chubby finger up to the counter where I keep a container of food with a scoop and jumps around whining that 'I want it' whine. So far I have been lucky and he leaves the bowl alone when the dog eats.

Prairie said...

Oh honey, pray that dog food is the worst he ever eats. I have heard a million horror stories of so much worse! : )

BTW...I love his hair! It is so long and full!

Dea said...

Hello! I came by your blog via Iammommy and i just wanted to tell you that i love it!! Your photography is amazing!!! And what a cute lil guy you have there! I love everything about your blog- I need to find a way to set mine up the way yours is because its absolutely beautiful! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well...I wouldn't worry too much until Noah starts barking. LOL...I'm sorry. You know me...I'm always finding the funnies in things. HEEHEE -cj

Melanie Lyons said...

Jacob has eaten his share of cat food. Makes me gag too. Just one more thing to tease them about when they get older! BTW love the pictures of Gay Lynn and Noah, so sweet!

Linda P. said...

Whew! I was almost relieved to find out it was only dog food. When you showed Einstein's picture as a hint, I was afraid he was eating something WORSE! LOL Of course, then you wouldn't have been calmly standing by taking Noah's picture, methinks! : ) That is cute that he is watching Einstein eat, as if to say, "Please leave at least a little of that for me, brother." ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Libby. Just stumbled across your blog :) What a beautiful little family you have. Love your pic on the top. I actually have one just like that of my family on my blog - so fun.

Oh gosh, I know how you feel about the dogfood. It's probably a good thing we don't know all of what goes into our kids' mouths....yack.

Blessings to you~

Anonymous said...

Grabbing your camera was a great idea - super cute! ;)

I was terrified that what Noah had in his mouth was something else dog related, though! I'm happy that it was just dog food!!

J & J Silber said...

I absolutely love your blog! I was wondering how you personalized the fonts for all of your headings? I love the fonts you use and would love to use something similiar for my blog! Thanks so much!


Kasey said...

It's times like this that we can't pass by without the camera! But oh my goodness, yuck! I watched a program on how dog food is made. It's actually pretty healthy to be honest. But it smells and tastes terrible!

Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. I love the very first one. And then where he's squatting and looking at Einstein like "hey are you going to share that or what?". So cute!