May 01, 2010


Happy May Day! I can't believe I'm typing that out. Seriously, May 1st? Where has this year gone?

Today we went to Mayfest here in Fort Worth, and we had so much fun. Mayfest is a festival with tons of fun activities, live music, a petting zoo, crafts, and let's not forget to mention the fabulous food that melts in your mouth and adds a few inches to your waist. For those of you in Amarillo, think of Mayfest as FunFest on steroids. We had no idea about Mayfest until my mom mentioned something to me last night on the phone. I am so glad she told us about it because we definitely want to make it a family tradition to go every year. We were only able to go for a couple hours because Josh had to work tonight, but it was fun to go check things out for next year.

Let me start by saying Noah hated the petting zoo. I was shocked. He didn't want to have anything to do with it, and he cried for most of the time we were there. There were baby pigs {one of my favorites!}, chicks, a donkey, bunny rabbits, and a duck. They were all so cute! Of all the cute animals in the petting zoo, Noah only braved touching one of them. Which one, you ask? The goat. Oh well. Noah may not have enjoyed all of the animals, but I sure did. Maybe next year Noah will warm up to more than the goat.

Noah may not have been enthralled with the animals, but he loved the food. Yep, he was all about Mayfest food, as you can see:


Eating yummy food and walking around is what we spent most of our time doing, since Noah wasn't very interested in anything else.

As we were walking we came across the cutest little thing I've ever seen: Leroy.


Leroy was taking pictures with people, but not for free! He would walk around and take the tickets out of the little hands standing around him. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I want a little Leroy.

And Noah, well, it's safe to say he does not want a little Leroy:


Noah wasn't too thrilled that Leroy took the ticket out of his hands. Even though he was holding it out for Leroy to take. Oh goodness. The poor little monkey was only trying to do his job.

But Noah was okay when we bought some more food. Funnel cake made everything better, right little guy?


And then, as we were heading out, we got a cherry limeade for all of us to share. But Noah decided it was his limeade, and he wasn't too happy about having to share with Mommy and Daddy. I love this picture. You can see Noah is very focused about keeping the limeade in his hands. Daddy is too close for comfort.


We had a blast! I look forward to next year's Mayfest, and all the fun memories we will make.


p.s. Keep a lookout this week. I promise a giveaway is just right around the corner! {For real this time!}


Erica Nye said...

I miss Fun Fest! I looks like you had so much fun! That is on of my favorite childhood memories going to fun fest when we were kids. One time Grand pa Bonjour and Jackye took me and Buster, but he made us walk all the way from their house. Which felt like forever when you were a little kid.

The Christians said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Haha - love the cherry limeade picture! We'll definitely have to go check it out next year.

Amanda Moore said...

I was there yesterday too! Wished we would met up! Looks like you guys had a great time! The food was really awesome! Have a great day!

Kasey said...

Aw! That looks like such a blast. The more and more that you talk about the cool places you all go, it makes me want to move to Fort Worth just to visit all of them. I bet Noah won't be able to get enough of the animals next year. Sweet little guy. He really did seem to enjoy the food. And I absolutely love the picture of Leroy!!! That is such a great shot. You should enter that into something. I'm glad that you all had such a great time!