May 29, 2010

My Little Ray Charles



Kasey said...

What a cute picture of Noah! Hehe! He's such a silly boy. It is so true that we need to get our kiddos together. Someday soon hopefully!

And for Grace, we just ask her if she can say certain words all of the time. When we give her baths, get her ready for bed, any time that she's just playing. We repeat them over and over for her to hear how the words are supposed to be pronounced. And then she finally starts saying it. She's taken us by surprise on some things that she says, like "doggy". She just started saying that by herself. I'm sure that Noah will come up to you soon and just start talking up a storm, and then you'll be thinking "oh my gosh where did that come from?". Haha! It seems like that's how it always happens. They just take us by surprise when they learn something new. And thank you so much for your very sweet comment on the blog.

Renae said...


OurLittleBlessingS said...

so adorable!

The Christians said...

Cutie-patootie!!! I wish Ian would keep his sunglasses on. He pulls them off after about 5 sec!