May 20, 2010

That's My Momma!

Sunday morning I was in the nursery at church helping take care of the children, and we had three children ranging from 6 months to 4 years old. I just love each one of them; they're all so precious. We also had a visitor who brought her 4 month old to church, but she decided to keep the sweet bundle of joy with her. I don't blame her. I remember how hard it was to leave Noah for the first time; it's definitely not easy. Anyways, it wasn't long before her sweet baby was crying in church, so momma had no other choice but to bring him to the nursery.

I ended up holding the baby, and at first he was content looking up at me with his big bright eyes. Baby fever had suddenly hit me again. But it wasn't long before the little guy realized that I was not his momma, and he wanted her now!! So, then I panicked {just kidding}. But, I did think to myself, "Ok, what did I do to calm little Noah when he was a baby?" It's amazing how quickly that stage passes by. Sad really.

Anyway, I tried rocking him. Nope. He just screamed louder. Then I thought, "Oh, maybe if I change his diaper! Yeah that will work." Um, negative. So then I ran a check list in my mind of what I hadn't done. Oh, yes! A bottle should make him feel better. But, he refused it and continued to cry. So, I stood up and started bouncing him on my shoulder to see if I could calm him, and lo and behold, he began to calm down. What is it with standing versus sitting? It always seems to work that way, doesn't it? So, I finally got him calmed down, at least for a minute, and then guess who started bawling?

You guessed it, Noah! He did not like that his mommy was holding another baby. He buried his head against me, wrapped his arms around my legs, and just cried and cried and cried. I felt so bad. Of course I wanted to sweep him up in my arms and hold my little guy, but I just couldn't at that point because the other worker was holding the other baby. Thank heavens, the other baby fell asleep after a few minutes, so I was able to hand off my little baby and tend to Noah.

Of course, as soon as I wasn't holding the baby anymore, guess who stopped crying.

My jealous little Noah. Oh goodness.

Don't you worry sweet little guy, you will always, always be my baby.



Teresa Podzemny said...

How hilarious!

Kasey said...

Oh gosh I can totally relate to this story! Grace used to get so, so jealous when I would hold my baby nephew. Then when I started watching this new baby she was a little jealous at first. Thankfully the jealousy has subsided, but I still sometimes get the feeling that she feels left out. She'll play and carry on like nothings the matter, but you know how us moms get those feelings. Sweet little Noah! How cute is he to come up to you like that and bury his little face on you. It just makes you want to hold them and squeeze them and kiss em' all over! Haha! Sorry I left such a long comment. :)

Amanda said...

Isn't that always the way??? Those little boys!

What a darling picture! I can't get enough of pictures of Noah - he's such a cutie!!

OurLittleBlessingS said... you have baby fever AND noah love his mama...:D he's too cute!!!

Erica Nye said...

Walker used to say to the other kids at mothers day out if I was holding them, That is my momma! He too would cry. It melts your heart!

Amanda said...

Been there girl... there is nothing like our precious baby standing at our feet looking up with those big eyes...begging for more mama! :)

Love the picture too!