May 08, 2010

Meet the Parents...with Swagger

Apparently these videos have been out for quite some time, so many of you may have seen them already. I just saw them for the first time a couple of days ago. I guess I've been hiding under a rock or something. Anyway, they are just too good to not pass along to all of you parents out there.

I just can't stop laughing. Oh my. But this next one has to be my favorite. Brace yourself. It is funnnnny!

Ohh mmmm geeeee. I love it.


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Linda P. said...

I especially loved that second one! So funny! That would be so fun to make a video like that! Yes, sometimes I am wild and craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. : )

OurLittleBlessingS said...

i saw these for the first time during the olympics, and i LOVED them!! ahah they are hilarious!! i like the 'mommy needs a time out one'!

Amanda said...

Yeah... (I wanst commenting on any nominated blogs this week so I didnt show favoritism) but I just spent the last half hour watching those videos. HILARIOUS!!

Kasey said...

Hahaha! Libby I think we need a swagger wagon! That is absolutely hilarious. Love it!