May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Early Sunday morning while we were getting ready
for church, I heard Josh tell Noah, "Give your card to Mommy."
I look down the hallway, and there comes little Noah
with a card in his hand.

Of course he took a detour and walked around the living
room a couple of times before he actually brought it to me. It was so funny!

I loved my Mother's Day card from Noah.
It was too cute, so I of course I wanted to show it off.
It said:


Noah even signed his own name for Mommy!
Melt my heart.

It was really funny though, because Noah
didn't quite keep his end of the bargain.
He was the wildest little monkey I've ever seen,
and refused to nap all day long.

I guess he just wanted to spend some
quality time with me on Mother's Day.
Thank you little monkey for entertaining
Mommy all afternoon. I loved spending
it with you.

And, Josh, well he got me a card too.
But you really don't want to know what
it said. Trust me.



OurLittleBlessingS said...

aww cute!! and funny about the hubs card. :D

Kasey said...

Oh I love that card. That is so sweet. I'm glad that you had a good Mother's Day. When did Noah start writing his name? He writes really good for not being two yet. That is so adorable. I really love it.

Shannau said...

Oh c'mon, what did Josh's card say!? LOL I'm glad you had a good Mother's day!

Prairie said...

Did he really sign that? The one Jo got me was adorable as well. At least I can pretend that she picked it out. Sounded like something she would say anyway. hee,hee

Your wee one is just so stinkin precious! And the hubbie as well.

Libby said...

Jess- thanks!

Kasey & Prairie- ha sorry I guess I should have made it more clear that he didn't write it by himself. He had a little help from his daddy. :) I would be pretty darn impressed if he could though. ha

Shanna- Really. You don't want to know. haha