May 22, 2010

Something Sweet

I love Smoothies! How about you?


Tonight I have three yummy new flavors for you to try:
Triple Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, & Very Blueberry.

And guess what?!
Everyone of them are less than a 100 calories a cup!

Triple Berry recipe: click here.
Strawberry Kiwi recipe: click here.
Very Blueberry recipe: click here.


Also, new recipes for this upcoming week are now available!
Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here.


p.s. Happy Birthday Darrell! Hope you have a wonderful day!
We will be thinking about you and we love you very much.


hiyaluv said...

Libby! These look fantastic! I also love your recipes for the week!

Mandy said...

Ooh girl, thanks for sharing those yummy smoothies! Pardon me, I'm a new commentator but a longtime reader, and those look too good NOT to comment on ... I can't wait to try them!

Have a beautiful day,
~ Mandy

Prairie said...

These look wonderful and so simple. Gonna see if the wee one will go for the very blueberry. She LOVES blueberries...especially frozen ones. Yummy!

Kasey said...

Wow! These look absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for sharing. I've always had a thing for smoothies. Yum yum!