May 18, 2010

Silly Ol' Pug

Remember this blog post I wrote about our Lord Protector?
Yeah, well, Einstein is determined to live up to that name.


So, I guess my only other option now is
to buy myself some ear plugs.
Silly Ol' Pug.



Unknown said...

I can just hear the pug "woo" looking at these pictures. I feel your pain. Our Mason barks are just about everything. At least we are protected from every leaf that blows past the window.

Amanda said...

Oh for cute. My BIL has an all black pug named Zoe-ie. (i dont know how they spell it..)

I took me five minutes to think of that comment.



OurLittleBlessingS said...

aww love einstein! mia is standing nexting to me and squealed with delight when she saw a picture of 'otis' on the computeR! haha. i'm glad you have Lord Protector...even if he is scared of kitties:D hehe.

Kasey said...

Haha! Sweet ol' Einstein. And it looks like he's got his little buddy there with him to help. How cute!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that's it...I'm coming, Einstein! You and me are going for a long walk, Buddy. don't have much of a snout. That means, huff, puff, and I'll end up carrying you just like I did my own pug. Yeah, I know how you puggies work. Oh, pool, Libby, he wants his own swimming pool. That's it. Get him a small plastic wadding pool. Josh can practice his baptism at the same time. HEEHEE i have to sign my name...hahaha