March 06, 2010

Lord Protector

The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the past couple of days. Oh, I hope it stays warm; I love Spring. The weather has been so perfect that we've been able to open up the back door to the porch, allowing us to enjoy the weather even more. I love when the cool breeze flows throughout our apartment. The beautiful weather we've been having is just so serene. So calm. So peaceful. Well, it would be that way if we didn't have an obnoxious pug who thinks he is Lord Protector of the Bonjour home. Yes, I said Lord Protector. He thinks he has to be on guard 24/7, which means he is barking almost all. day. long.


Now don't get me wrong. I love this pug to pieces. He is without a doubt the best dog ever. I'm not just saying that because he is our beloved dog. He is the most obedient, faithful, and loving dog there is, and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

But Einstein, sweet ol' Einstein, your incessant barking is about to make this momma go mad.

It doesn't matter what I do. I've given him spankings {I know, I'm so mean}. I've closed him in our bedroom hoping he would learn a lesson. Nope. The barking continues no matter what I do.

Oh well. At least from outside our home it sounds like we have a fierce guard dog. The funny thing is, we actually have a weenie dog trapped in a pug's body. If you haven't read the story, oh boy, you're missing out. Click here to read.


Amanda said...

Ha! That Einstein is a hoot! ;) Great picture. and YEAH for spring!

Bryan and Ashlan said...

We just got an Australian Shepherd puppy, and we've been taking him to puppy training classes at PetCo. This last week we were talking about barking and the trainer suggested using mouth spray. It was pretty funny watching the dogs after they got sprayed in the mouth! So, just a suggestion. :)