March 23, 2010

Mood Swings

Noah is pretty much exactly like his daddy, except for one area: mood swings. I think he may have gotten that from his mommy {ok, he did get that from his mommy}. I mean don't misunderstand, I'm really not that moody. Just sometimes.

So anyway, Noah has been extra moody the past couple of days, and I'm not exactly sure what is causing these dramatic ups & downs. Maybe teething? I'm sure that's what it is, {it can't be me!}, so we will blame it on those darn teeth.

Like today for instance, sweet Noah was in the best mood. He was running around playing, laughing, smiling for the camera {he rarely does that!}. I mean he was a happy, happy boy without a care in the world. See:


But not long after he so kindly posed for mommy his mood changed {quickly!}, and he was angry! He wanted to put mommy's cap on her camera lens, and he wanted to do it now!


And then a couple minutes after his crying fit, he was back to his happy go lucky self.

Oh boy.


Kasey said...

Oh my goodness, I know what you mean! Those mood swings have been happening here too! I also blame it on teething. One minute happy, one minute mad and destructive!!! Hopefully it will pass soon for the both of us!

Amanda said...

Yeah. I know how that goes.
(This has nothing to do with you or your moods, I am just sharing a little!) :)
Since I noticed my kids doing that, I tried to emulate it back to them. See, when I get angry or frustrated with them I tend to STAY that way for awhile. Until I realized that my kids had moved on. I hadnt. They had. So I tried to let it go like they did... and its working. More often then not, we move on from anger and frustration MUCH faster thanks to me learning a lesson from my toddler.

I simple ADORE those pictures... you are so talented. Man I wish you were my neighbor! I would make you teach me then takes pictures of my kids! :)


floodedsoul said...

HYSTERICAL!! in a good way :) he is such a cute little guy!