March 05, 2010

Explore. Serve. Reach.

I have some very exciting news to share with all of you! I am going on a short term mission trip with New Life Deaf Fellowship {our church} and McKinney Memorial Bible Church to Jamaica this June; I can't even being to explain how excited I am. I had the amazing privilege of going on a mission trip to Russia about 13 years ago {a long, long time ago}, and it changed my life, my perspective of the world, and mostly my understanding of the awesome God we serve and how great His love is. If you have not had the opportunity to go on a mission trip, I encourage you, I urge you, to seek one out. Pray for God to open up a mission for you to be a part of. John 4:35 says, " I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." I praise God for the opportunity he has given to me to be a part of this mission to Jamaica in June. Let me share with you a little bit of what we will be doing while we are there.

We will be serving for a week at the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf in Knockpatrick, Jamaica, which is located in the south central portion of the island. The Knockpatrick campus currently serves over 135 deaf students. The Deaf in Jamaica are in desperate need of the Gospel. They not only face physical and emotional challenges, but they endure the hardships of being isolated from society, the church, and even their families because of their deafness.

Our primary ministry while we are there will be to put on a Vacation Bible School for the students in Knockpatrick. We will also have the chance to help out with different construction projects and many other exciting opportunities to serve the people. But most importantly we have the chance to reach out to the Deaf with the good news of Jesus Christ. I am so excited!

Would you please remember to keep me & my group in your prayers as we prepare to go to Jamaica this June? Here are a some specific things you can pray for:

  • Please pray for our group as we meet and prepare for the mission trip.
  • Please pray for God's provision as each person raises funds for the trip.
  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit would even now prepare the hearts of those in Jamaica to whom we will minister.

As we get closer to the trip and as needs arise, I'll keep you updated with specific prayer requests. Thank you!


I pray the people of Jamaica will be open to the love of Jesus, and that many lives will be changed. Lord, prepare my heart, my hands, my everything for your service.


Anonymous said...

CJ Dunham: Libby, if all those going have the same loving heart as you, this trip will be a totally success! I'll pray for the hearts of the Jamaicans and for those going to minister as yourself. How exciting. :)

Linda P. said...

Hi, Libby! I heard about this trip. How exciting that you get to be a part! I will look forward to hearing more details. : ) I will commit to start praying for you now.

Anonymous said...


so proud of you. this brought me to tears because of how truthful it is that people need God's word. i absolutly love mission trips it really gives you a sense of real love. I miss going on them as well. I konw that God will bless you as you reach out to those in need. I will pray for you. Love you.

your sis.

Kasey said...

This is truly amazing, what you are doing! So many lives out there need this kind of opportunity. Not only to spread/hear His word, but to have the opportunity to help people out that are in true need of it. May God watch over you and the others in this mission! I will be praying for you and all the others on this trip.

The Bonjour Family! said...

Thanks everyone for your prayers!