March 21, 2010


I'm so excited to share with you theBumper! I saw the idea on this blog, and of course I got inspired to make one for Noah's bedroom door. So what the heck is it? It is one of those mommy inventions that is just smart, creative, and leaves me wondering why I didn't come up with something as simple as this.


theBumper is tied to knobs on either side of a door and fits snug against the latch. It was created to protect little fingers from being slammed in the door. Totally genius! There is nothing worse than watching your child scream out in pain from smashing his finger in the door. Right? It can also be used to keep a door propped open for ease of supervision. So when I saw the idea, I couldn't wait to make one and share the idea with all you mothers out there.


My little Noah loves to slam doors {especially his bedroom door}, and let me tell you, it is loud when he does! I guess he's already into having some privacy. Well, now Mr. Noah won't be shutting himself in his room anymore because he has this very bumper on his door. And I'm here to tell you it works! Today Noah tried to close his door, and the cushion of theBumper prevented the door from closing. Yay! My sewing project was successful. And I think it turned out pretty cute too. What do you think?


What a perfect homemade gift to give to a friend with young kiddos or to a new mommy. I just love the idea!


Linda P. said...

Very cool idea you happened upon there,Libby! You did a great job with the sewing and fabric selection, too!

Susan said...

Proud of the work you did, plus it is SO cute! Good job Lib.
Love you, Mom

Amanda said...

Great idea... and I LOVE your pictures!!! Seriously, just beautiful!


Anonymous said...

CJ:...oh, great idea!!! I'm gonna pass this one on to Laterah. Thanks, Libby!!!

floodedsoul said...

THAT my dear is brilliant!!!!

love love it!

Becca said...

brilliant AND cute! :-) love it! And I love your header picture too - adorable!

Erica Nye said...

It is very cute! Did he get mad and want it off when the door wouldn't close?

Kasey said...

I love that idea! That is so neat! Grace loves to close and open her door, and this would be a perfect little fix to keep her from shutting herself in her room. Thank you so much for sharing.

The Huntington's said...

I love that! I think I'm going to copy your idea, and make one maybe in the next year or so. You know since I have a little time! Thanks for your sweet comment, we are so excited to become parents!!!