March 18, 2010

This is what happens...

...when you leave three {four, if you include Einstein} boys home all day.


Yep, my brother Matt is in town visiting, and it looks to me like the boys had a pretty good day today while I was at work.


I come home to find my lovely, clean {ok, sorta clean} house looking like this:


And this:


Oh yes. It is not a pretty sight. Our apartment has been turned upside down. It's a mess. No, scratch that. It looks like a tornado tore through the place. Random items are scattered throughout the house. Take for instance the dirty diaper that sits upon my kitchen counter top in the picture below. Um, yuck. I guess whoever left the diaper there failed to see the trash can sitting right below it. And next to the diaper sits a bottle of honey and a dust pan. I don't even want to know.


And my dining room table is covered in, well, let's just say junk. Was Noah undressed on the table??? Like I said, I don't even want to know.


This is what happens when you leave the boys home all day.

And do you think I care about the filthy state our apartment is in tonight? Nope. I do not care a thing about it. I look around and even find it kind of funny how messy our apartment is. I seriously need some sleep.



Kasey said...

Oh my goodness! The can of cheese whiz with the wheat thins made me laugh! And the dirty diaper with the dust pan and honey are funny too. It looks like the guys have a lot of cleaning to do. Haha! They better get to work!

Katt said...

Libby! Love your updates! This is priceless!

Susan said...

Gee...I feel bad for you! Those boys!!! It just shows that their attention span is very short...maybe about the same as Noah' diaper...leave...get a drink...leave...always moving on the the next thing! Ha!

floodedsoul said...

You my friend are a much better person than me b/c I would probably care. Ahh how I long to be a nicer person like you than to be me.......