April 02, 2010

Spring Break

A couple of weeks ago my brother Matt, who is always so sweet to come visit us from time to time, decided to make his way down here to spend Spring Break with us. We really enjoyed our time with Matt; it's always so good to catch up with him because we kind of lose contact with each another while he is at school. He is in the architecture program at Oklahoma State, and from what I hear it's very competitive and time consuming. I remember when I was in nursing school it was almost impossible to have a life outside of school. But the time spent in school is so brief {even though it seems like it will go on forever}, and in the end it is worth the hard work.

Anyway, our Spring Break weekend pretty much consisted of relaxing and eating. And eating some more. We try not to keep junk food around the house mainly because if it's sitting around then we'll eat it. So since Matt was coming, we knew we had better make a Walmart run for some "good" food. Josh offered to go to the store, so I gladly let him. The guy came home with bags of junk food. I should have known he would grab everything in sight. Donuts, cokes, mini corn dogs, and Wheat Thins & Easy Cheese are just a few that come to mind. My counter top was covered in bad {but oh so yummy} food. And I honestly tried to stay away from it, but after I popped a Wheat Thin with some Easy Cheese on it, I was hooked. Ok, enough talk about food. I'm getting hungry.

We also got to see my aunt Sherri and cousin Madison while Matt was here. It had been a while since we'd seen them, so we were excited to find out that would be in town that week and that we'd have a chance to get together. Sherri takes Madison on a mother-daughter getaway twice a year, and they decided to come to Fort Worth to spend some time together for their Spring trip. We all met up for dinner one night at one our favorite Mexican food restaurants and spent some time catching up. The next day I got a call from Sherri telling me about a petting zoo they had going on in the Stockyards. We thought it would be fun to let Noah play with all the animals, so Matt, Noah, and I drove over to meet them. Poor Josh had to miss out on all the fun because he had to work that evening. Anyway, to make a long story short we missed the animals! We were so bummed. They closed down the petting zoo right as we got there. But we still had fun playing around in the Stockyards, and we were glad to be able to spend some more time with Sherri and Madison.

Noah and Matt talking to each other. Matt is so good with Noah.


Yep, Matt rode a horse.


Noah on the other hand did not ride a horse.
We thought maybe he would like it, but no, he sure did not.


Sherri and Noah


Coming back from their horse ride. Matt was apparently the leader of the pack.


Giddy up!


We had such a great time at the Stock Yards. Thank you Sherri and Madison for spending some of your time with us and for inviting us to the Stock Yards with you. We loved seeing you!

Noah loved walking in Matt's shoes. It was so funny. He did laps around the house in them and didn't want to stop. I love how Einstein is looking at him like, "Don't you know those shoes are too big for you?" Ha.


Of course we had to make a run to Cold Stone to get some ice cream. Yummy! They have the best ice cream! Noah is all about the ice cream, can't ya tell? Goodness, Noah looks so much like his Daddy. They even have the same exact expression on their face.


Matt, we are so glad you came to visit us! We hope it's not long before we see you again. Thanks for spending your Spring Break with us.


Anonymous said...

Lil-Noah is so much like Daddy! I'm so thankful that Josh loves his Lord! You know what? One day....lil-Noah is going to wear his daddy's "Spirit Shoes"! Thanks Josh for loving Jesus and showing Noah you do!...-cj

Kasey said...

Awww! I love the stock yards. I love going to the candy shop! Haha! And right you are about Noah and his daddy. They do look exactly alike. It looks like you all had such a great time!

MJS said...

I haven't been to the Fort Worth Stockyards since 2000! Wow! That was an incredible place down there! And getting to eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse was absolutely fabulous too!

It won't be long until Noah will actually be able to fill Matt and Josh's shoes! I can't believe he's almost 2!! It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was holding him on his first Thanksgiving there at the church here in town!! Wow! But I do love the blogs!! At least seeing him grow up in pictures is better than not getting to see him at all.

Happy Easter, ya'll!! Give Noah and Einstein a hug and kiss for me! Hope to see ya'll soon!!


The Christians said...

Awww...looks like ya'll had a great time! That's great your bro could come visit! Man, I'm behind on posting comments...love all the blogs tho.