April 24, 2010

Back Home

Hello, hello. Did you miss me?

My sweet little man and I went to Kansas City this past week, and we had a fabulous time! Aunt "Abbo" {Noah's name for my sister Abby} and her fiance, Bibi, live in Kansas City, so we {and Mimi too!} journeyed up there to hang out and get a little wedding planning done. It was so nice to spend time with family, and we sure did get a lot accomplished while we were up there. Abby's wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous; I'm so happy for her. I am looking forward to sharing our trip with you, but it will have to be another night because it has been a looong day. However, I will be nice and share with you a sweet picture of Noah from the trip, because a post just isn't a post without a pic, right?


Ta ta for now!


1 comment:

The Christians said...

Haha - we did miss you! Glad to hear you had a great trip. That was so sweet of you to go help your sister plan her wedding. I'm sure it's going to be fun! Welcome back to good ole Texas!