April 06, 2010

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken

It has been a while since I've shared a yummy recipe with you, so I thought tonight would be a good night to do it. For dinner this evening we had Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken, and oh my gracious it was delicious! And healthy too. Oh, and did I mention it is easy, easy, easy to make? Do I have your attention now?

Who else out there loves their crock pot as much as I do? It's a gift from Heaven. A mommy's best friend. Can I get an Amen? But as much as I love my crock pot and could go on and on about how wonderful it is, I don't use mine a whole lot, and that's just crazy! That's going to change for sure.

Anyhow, let's talk about some Santa Fe Chicken. I wasn't sure how this recipe would turn out {you never know when you're cooking a healthy meal if it will taste good}, but I was pleasantly surprised. It had great flavor!


Here is the recipe from Gina's Weight Watchers Recipes:

Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken:
Serve over rice with chopped scallions, fresh cilantro, fat free sour cream and reduced fat cheddar. {We ate it on top of white rice and it was so good!}

Servings: 8, Size: 9.85 oz, Prep time: 5 minutes, Weight Watchers Points: 3, Calories: 171.9, Fat: 1.6 g, Fiber: 3.8 g

- 24 oz (1 1/2) lbs chicken breast
- 14.4 oz can diced tomatoes with mild green chilies
- 15 oz can black beans
- 8 oz frozen corn
- 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro {wow, that stuff is strong when you're cutting it!}
- 14.4 oz can fat free chicken broth
- 3 scallions, chopped
- 1 tsp garlic powder
- 1 tsp onion powder
- 1 tsp cumin
- 1 tsp cayenne pepper {to taste}
- salt to taste

Combine chicken broth, beans, corn, tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, cayenne pepper and salt in your crock pot. Season chicken breast with salt and lay on top. Cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 6 hours. Half hour before serving, remove chicken and shred. Return chicken to slow cooker and stir in. Adjust salt and seasoning. Serve over rice {extra points}.

Mr. Noah loved it! I was so happy to see the little guy dig into it the way he did. And he even fed himself with the new fork I got him! I am so proud of him.


Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Have a wonderful evening!



The Christians said...

Yummo!! That looks fantastic! We're gonna have to try that. I hardly ever use my crockpot either, and I really should - esp now that it is starting to warm up and our stove gets the whole kitchen boiling hot. Thanks for sharing that! And kudos to Josh for the e-mail button. I am way impressed. Haha - now I have a good excuse to get James cracking on developing some blog updates for me. :-)

Kasey said...

I'll give you an amen on the crock pot! It is indeed very nice to have with little ones. That dish looks so yummy! I like that little fork you got for Noah. I think I might try one of those with Grace. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a good night!

I almost forgot. I know I already said that I like your e-mail icon, but I'll say it again. I really like it. It's so cute!

Gay Lynn said...

I printed that recipe off a few weeks ago, but still haven't tried it. Glad to know it's good!

My Family said...

Oh my gosh, that looks so good! I will make that next week!

Thanks for checking on me, still feeling a little cruddy. I'm holding out all hope that next week things turn a 180. I'm ready to feel great in my second trimester (which starts next week)!

Kristine McKowen said...

This looks so good!

Ashlee said...

This looks awesome thanks for sharing!

Leah said...

DEFINITELY will be giving this one a try. Looks amazing!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Okay, I want this now!! Definitely will be making this in the very near future. Thanks for linking up! :)