February 07, 2010

Wondering who Won?

Congratulations Sarah Wrotten!!
You're the lucky winner.
{I will get in touch with you on Facebook}.

And thank you to each & every one of you
who took the time to leave a comment.
I was so blessed by your kind words, and I loved
reading all the different reasons you keep
coming back! Thanks again!


Shannau said...

Congrats to Sarah! Let us know when your mom has her Etsy store up, I'm definately wanting to check it out!! :)

The Christians said...

Yay for Sarah!! Noah looked like he took his job very seriously! So cute. Is your mom taking purse orders?

Sarah said...

What a good boy! Noah is my buddy now! I always thought he was cute, but now we are FRIENDS!! Give kisses to Noah from me! THANK YOU THANK YOU LIBBY! Im so pumped!