February 22, 2010


Noah's most recent infatuation: straws. He discovered them in our pantry not long ago, and since that time he has been mesmerized by them. You should see our house. Straws everywhere. In Einstein's food bowl. In the dishwasher. In his bed. In the couch. On our computer desk. I mean everywhere. I feel like I am constantly picking up straws. Oh the joys of cleaning up after a toddler! The straws do bring a little lot of color to our house, that's for sure. Just look at how happy & content Noah is with a handful of straws.


But Noah's relationship with straws is complicated. It's one of those love-hate relationships. One minute, he loves the straws, and no other toy in the world could bring him more joy. A split second later, he hates the straws. Despises them. Wants to rip them in half and throw them in the trash. You see, it irritates him like nothing else when he tries to hold all of the straws in his little hand and a couple of them escape his grasp. He can't stand not being able to hold all of them at the same time; he just becomes more and more angry with each fugitive straw.


Uh oh...he's getting angry.


Oh my goodness!
If I could read his mind, I might have to wash his mouth out with soap!


See how the anger turns into disgust.


Oh Noah. You funny little boy. Some day your hands will be big enough to hold all of the straws.


Sarah said...

Ok, Im way behind on commenting, but I just love all the bathtub pics, and his dance moves, and the straw pics! You and your camera do great work!
I love that he's so mesmerized with the straws, too cute! Maybe I should give Saylor a handful and see what she thinks! And isn't it funny how they can go from 0 to 60 in frustration. Saylor does that too!

The Christians said...

How funny! Love the new pix on the blog too. So cute to see the way their little minds work. It prolly is better for them that we can't read their minds all the time...ha!

Kasey said...

That is so funny! One minute "i love you straws" and the next minute "get away from me"! They are absolutely hilarious when they are playing. I love your new pictures by the way! Very very sweet!