February 11, 2010

Brave Little Noah

If you haven't read about our new rat,
click here, so you can read the story.

If a rat scurried across your kitchen floor,
what would you do?

Let me tell you what I'd do:

1. I would scream at the top of my lungs &
2. I would be flying through the air for the kitchen counter top,
a chair, a table {anything off of the ground}.

Noah, on the other hand, is obviously not scared of rodents.
He picks them up by their tails!
Take a look.

I'm sure glad I have a house full of boys
to take care of that stuff for me!


The Christians said...

Haha! So funny how it comes so naturally to Noah! I'd be on top of the kitchen counter with you! This cracks me up - so something James would do (buying a rat online to mess with the household pet).

chriselda said...

that's horrible.

Melanie Lyons said...

So funny! If I ever need a rat remover I'll give Noah a call. Einstein is going to need some serious doggie therapy.

Angie said...

Ha ha......That's funny! Yes, I agree with you...All 3 guys are protective over you!! So you not have to worry abt it! ;)