February 19, 2010

Splish Splash

Noah loves bath time. And over the past week or two his favorite thing to do in the bath is fill up his cup with water and pour it on his head. And then he just laughs and laughs. It is too cute! And he sure was making his mommy laugh with all of the laughing and screaming he was doing in the bathtub tonight.


I guess he didn't like his Mohawk.


I just love his expression.


And boy did he have some wild hair going on after his bath.


I just love this little boy!


Erica Nye said...

He looks like the gerber baby in the last picture. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

libby, i think you should submit these to an agency! i really do! lil-noah is sooooo photogenic and they would grab him in a heartbeat! not to mention the lady behind the camera!!!!!!!!!!!
another treasure to your list. love these pictures!!! love you, lil-noah!!!! cj :)

Melanie Lyons said...

Love the b&w. Lol his expressions crack me up! Jacob started doing that recently too but if I pour water on him he freaks. Coffee or something is a must while ya'll are here.

Luginbyhls said...

Great pictures! Noah is super cute! I wish Jace (my 2 year old) liked water on his head.. but he dreads it at every bath time!

Kasey said...


Your little man is without a doubt very cute. I wish him and Grace could grow up together because everytime you post a blog about him it reminds me so much of the way Grace acts. They would have so much fun together. Grace is a little fish too and loves splashing in the water!!

floodedsoul said...

WOW!! SO grown up!!!

great pictures!!