February 24, 2010

The Headless Dog

Each night after Noah takes a bath we spend time reading together before he goes bed. I love reading to Noah, even more so now that he has begun to sit back and listen instead of running around the room like a wild little Indian. Noah loves books, and often we will find him in his room with a book in hand flipping through the pages. The other day Josh and I heard him reading to himself as he turned each page of the book he was holding. It was so, so sweet. We have so many cute children's books, but out of all of them Noah's favorite is this one:


He loves it! In fact, he loves it so much that he keeps it in his bed with him when he sleeps. When we sit down to read a book, often I will tell him to go get a book, and, as expected, he will walk into the living room with Dog in his hands.

So tonight, once again the book of choice was Dog. Noah sat on my lap, and I began to read to him. One of Noah's favorite things about Dog is that throughout the book there are pull tabs which make each dog do something different. For example, on the front cover, when you pull the tab it causes the pug's tail to move back and forth. One another page, it says "Fleas make an itchy dog scratch, scratch, scratch!" When you pull the tab, the dog's leg moves up and down so that it looks like the dog is scratching himself. There are several pull tabs, as well as different textures to feel, throughout the book.

So anyway, we were reading through each page looking at all the different dogs...


... and then I look at the next page and see this:


My sweet {ok, maybe not so sweet} little Noah decapitated one of the dogs!

This poor little doggy used to shake his head. I couldn't help but laugh. It was so funny turning the page and seeing a headless dog. I knew that would happen eventually.

I just had to sit down and blog about this. It's sweet memories like these that are so easy to forget, and I am so thankful to have a blog where I can look back and remember the night we were reading Noah's favorite book and discovered the headless dog.


Linda P. said...

Ha! That is pretty funny! Plus, the other dog looks like he's saying, "That dog ain't got no head! Whazzup with that???"

Luginbyhls said...

Hahahaha... We have the same book and that was the first thing Jace ripped out. He carried the little doggie head around with him though. He also tore off the dog's leg on the pee page! LOL