February 12, 2010

Taste the Rainbow







What's better than starting off your morning
with a plate full of Rainbow Pancakes?

Nothing, I tell ya.

And little Noah, oh boy, he loved them!
Here is his reaction to the Rainbow Pancakes.

"Ok, now how in the world am I supposed to eat these?"


"I guess I'll just start with the red one."


"Man, how much does this thing weigh?!"


Noah got half way through the top layer,
and then he was done eating.
The bright, colorful pancakes
were way more fun to play with.


From the looks of Noah's sweet face,
he thinks Rainbow pancakes
are the greatest invention
a mommy could come up with.

I wish I could take credit for these
fun pancakes, but sadly I can't.
I got the idea from here.


This is Noah's "If I eat one more bite I'm gonna be sick" face. Haha

Anyone craving pancakes now?


Amanda said...

LOVE IT!! AMAZING pictures... and NOah looks so happy!! Really beautiful pictures Libby!!

Well done.


Linda P. said...

Wow! Those pancakes are bee-u-tiful! I love the look, and you can EAT them, too! What a deal! I might be tempted to let them just sit around looking beautiful for a while first, though . . . . : )

Cynthia Meeks said...

Wow! Those are so fun! I have seen a rainbow cake thats real bright like that, but never pancakes. When we make pancakes, we make Hutton a few little ones and he just loves them. I will have to try these for his little pancakes. Thanks for the comment about my cards. I love designing them!

Kasey said...

oh.my.gosh. those look so delicious. noah is so lucky!!! i'm going to have to try those out sometime. what a fun idea!! he looked like he really enjoyed them!

The montoya said...

Howd u do the rainbow .. i would love to try those for my girls.... can you give me the recipe? wow looks great but wanna try!.... send me email for recipe please!

Angie said...

Loves Noah's face!! COOLEST idea of colorful pancakes...Can't wait to get a receipe from you!!