February 09, 2010

Valentine's Project: Playing Card Coupon Booklet

One of my favorite things about the Month of Love is all the adorable Valentine's crafts. I was browsing the Internet a couple of weeks ago, and I stumbled upon a cute little website called Tatortots and Jello. The blog author is a creative woman I tell ya, and she sure brought out the creative side in me. I laid my eyes on an adorable Valentine project that she created for her children, and I thought it was one of the cutest, most meaningful Valentine's gifts someone could give. In fact, I loved the idea so much that I decided to make it a Valentine's tradition and make one each year for Noah {and maybe Josh}. Haha. The project: A Valentine Coupon Booklet made out of playing cards. Cute idea, huh?

I kind of tweaked things a bit to fit my style, and I came up with my own version of the project. I started out writing this post with the intention of giving you step-by-step instructions of how I made the coupons, but then I realized that between my pictures and her instructions, it would be pretty easy for you to figure out. Here is the Valentine Coupon Booklet I made for my little guy.


Here are all of the materials I used {I got everything from Hobby Lobby except for the deck of cards, which came from Walgreens}.


A closer look of each of the materials I used:


1. Hershey Kisses {to shamelessly snack on}
2. Deck of Playing Cards
3. Scrapbook Paper
4. Red Ribbon {from the scrapbooking area}
5. Red Buttons {again, found in the scrapbooking area}
6. Sharpie & Hole Puncher
7. Key Chain Rings & Lanyard Hooks {jewelry area}
8. Assortment of Black Ribbon in a Package {scrapbooking area}

9. Letter Stickers {scrapbooking area}

Here's a picture of one of the coupons in Noah's booklet.


Some coupon ideas for kids:

- Lunch with Mom {or Dad}
- Movie and Popcorn
- Manicure or Pedicure
- Mom/Dad will do your chores for 1 day {thought this one was cute}
- Trip to the Zoo
- Breakfast in Bed
- Video Game Rental
- Trip to toy store to pick out a toy

Put your creative cap on and think of things your children enjoy or don't get to do very often, and turn them into coupons.

Some for your hubby:

- Back/foot rub
- Dinner of your choice
- Night out without the kids
- Date night with movie of your choice
- {censored} :)

I just love this idea, and I hope you do too! What coupon ideas can you come up with? Do share.



Erica Nye said...

It is very cute! If I had seen it sooner I would have paid you to make me one. No way I have time. I may have to make time though! How long did it take? Walker would love one and it is something different for Chad.

Erica Nye said...

Yours is way cuter than hers! LOL

Angie said...

HEY!! LOVE IT!! You are an AWESOME IDEA...I will make those for my family...Wonderful family time together is the MOST important! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!