February 10, 2010

The Rat

Josh ordered a rat online. Yes, my crazy husband spent $15 of our hard earned money on a fake remote control rodent {with beady red eyes that light up!}. A week or two ago, Josh said to me, "Hey Lib, I just wanted to let you know I ordered something online."

"Ok, what did you order?"

"Um, a remote control rat," he said.


"To scare Einstein with it."

I couldn't help but laugh when he said that. Although, I do think he is a bully for doing it.

"How much did you spend on this rat?" I inquired.

"Um, well, $15..."

You can imagine what I wanted to say to that, but, there really was no point of arguing because it was already ordered, paid for, and in route to our doorstep.

Well a few days after Josh broke the news to me about our new pet rat, it arrived. Josh was like a little kid running around with a new toy; he couldn't get the batteries in it fast enough.

So we grabbed the video camera because we knew Einstein and Noah's reaction to the rat would be funny. And, let me tell you, it was the best. Einstein was scared to death of the rat, and Noah, well he was having fun with it {and obviously not very scared of it}. You can hear me laughing through the whole video {sorry about that}, but I just couldn't help it. I'm so glad we have this memory to look back on. Noah will get a kick out of it when he is older.


Angie said...

JOSH!! I couldn't believe that but I know you, Josh....You still a kid to play with a new toy!! But good memories! ;)

Megan J. Slane said...

I love the expression on Einstein's face at the end! He's like "you people are crazy if you think I'm going in there"!! That's so funny!!!!