February 23, 2010

Is that You,Terrible Two's?

Well. Today has been an interesting day, to say the least. I think we are getting closer and closer to the terrible two's! Yikes.

It all started out this morning. Noah has decided he is quite fond of the word, "No!". I have to admit it was really cute hearing him say "nu-uh" when I told him to come put his jacket on. But after the first time, I realized this little behavior isn't so cute after all, and we are going to have to nip it in the bud {quickly}. I am also starting to realize how difficult parenting is going to be. But, what a blessing Noah is in our lives, and I pray God gives Josh and me wisdom to know how to discipline Noah in the right way.

So tonight, Mr. Noah, was in some kind of mood. He was tired, but things really went downhill when I got a treat for Einstein. I thought it would be cute to let Noah give Einstein the treat. I thought wrong.

"Noah, give Einstein his treat."

Noah looked at me with rebellious eyes as he slowly brought the treat to his mouth.

"No, Noah. Give Einstein the treat. These treats are yucky; they don't taste good."

Of course, Noah didn't care if they tasted good or not. He wanted Einstein's treat! Noah always shares his food with Einstein, so he did not understand why he couldn't have some of Einstein's food. I quickly realized Noah was not going to give the treat to Einstein, so I took it away from him and gave it to Einstein.

Oh heavens. I don't know if angry is a strong enough word to describe Noah's reaction. He was in a state of wrath. Noah stomped his feet, started screaming, and shook his fist at Einstein like he was going to choke him. I had to keep myself from laughing {gosh, sometimes it's so hard not to laugh} at his outrage against Einstein, who hadn't done a single thing wrong. Poor, poor Einstein.

So anyway, after Noah realized Einstein wasn't going to do anything about his crying fit, he turned around to me and gave me his sad story:


And in case you are wondering, I didn't run and grab my camera to document Noah's crying fit. What crazy mother would do that? Ok, maybe I would. But really, I was taking pictures of Noah and Einstein together and happened to have the camera near by when Noah let loose his fury. He sure is cute when he is mad though. I think he gets that from his daddy.

On a side note, Noah and I had a really fun day today! We met some friends, Laura & her nine month old, Ian, for lunch, and then we went to the Fort Worth Museum to play. The museum has a really neat children's play area, so we thought it would be fun to take the boys. We all had so much fun together! I'll share more on that later. In the mean time, you can head on over to Laura's blog and read her sweet post about our day.


Prairie said...

Oh honey! My friend swares that the terrible 2's actually start around 18months or so. We are in for it! "No" is a fun word in our house as well. I might have to write something up about it soon. The extreme fits haven't hit yet, but the other symptoms of the 2's are definitely in full swing. Yikes!

mom said...

Oh no, Noah....my sweet little boy can't make those mean old faces, can he? Smile for Mimi!

The Clements Crew said...

Libby, this has nothing to do with your post, but I was wondering how you change the font on your blog titles?

Ashlan said...

Thanks!! My hubby helped me, and we got it figured out!

The Christians said...

Awww...such a cute collage! U should print that one. I'm sure it is so kind of cute now - enjoy it before it gets old! (Or at least that's what I've heard.) U'll have to fill us in on all ur disciplining tricks.