February 15, 2010

The Chocolate Kiss

Noah loved the big chocolate kiss he got from Mommy & Daddy yesterday for Valentine's day.


And he had a chocolate mustache to prove it.

Of course, Einstein just couldn't understand why he didn't get a chocolate kiss.


I just love his face. It practically screams, "Where the heck is my chocolate kiss?"

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day and had a chance to spend it with the ones you love.


The Bruffey Family said...

How precious! I bet Noah DID love such a big KISS :-) And Einstein has a great face. We'll have to get him and our dogs, Kylee & Betsey, together some time. :-)

Erica Nye said...

Poor doggie!

Angie said...

Ha! I love Einstein's face!! Poor him! One of those day he will understand! =) Wow what a BIG chocolate kiss! Noah must be so thrilled to eat it!