February 27, 2010

My Wild Little Indian

It is amazing how cold {like really cold} it has been in Fort Worth over the past month; apparently the cold weather is not a norm around here. We have loved all of the beautiful snow, but honestly, the cold weather is getting kind of old. We are ready for some nice, warm Spring weather. Please don't misunderstand me; I'm not talking about the hot weather. Oh I dread the summer heat! Thankfully, we have a really nice pool we can cool off in. We enjoyed it so much last year, and I bet this year Noah will really have a lot of fun swimming.

The other day we finally had a beautiful day where we could go outside and play! We can get kind of restless when we have to stay inside all day, so it was nice to be able to run around and breathe in some fresh air. Noah was having the best time running around like a wild little Indian. I thought I would bring my camera along to see if I could get a few cute pictures of him playing. He was so cute running all over the place. I'm sure he was as sick of being stuck inside as I was. I didn't think I would get a single picture of him because he was literally running all over the place, but I surprised myself and got a few that I just love!


My Favorite! What a cutie.


Hopefully the weather will start warming up soon so we can enjoy more days playing outside.


Kasey said...

I definitely know where you are coming from about being cooped up inside. The wind has been terrible here and we're supposed to have snow again !!! The photos are so cute of him. I bet he was thinking "I'm free, I'm free!!!" Haha!

Amanda said...

These pictures are wonderful... what a joy!